25 Apr

We were outside for almost the entire weekend!  These girls need exercise and fresh air!  They are no longer content to sit in the running stroller being pushed by mom while little sister Mimi rides her 2 wheel bike up ahead!  Yes!  I’m so thankful for their determination.  Zinnia walked all the way to and from the park near our house, she was exhausted!  When we got home daddy said, “Let’s go, bike Zinnia, bike Lainee!”  Oh precious.  They were thrilled and picked out the flashy pink bikes you see here.  They are changing physically.  We enjoyed my brother and his wife and children this Easter.  The girls are lovin’ the lovin’!  It’s a beautiful thing!!

Not only has little Zinnie gained 7 pounds this last month but their hair is growing and the being held by mom to go upstairs is at a minimal.  This beautiful transformation!  Mimi is a great motivator for them!  This morning they actually played up stairs without calling my name for about 30 minutes.  It’s nice that I can hear them in the play room, from my school room (dining room!).  Security.

This morning at breakfast Zinnia raised her hand and said that she would like to say the prayer.  I was shocked!  We were all in big smiles.  She said Thank you, Jesus for every member of our family.  Then when she said Amen I said, “what about Cookie?”  She replied, “NO MOMMY!!!!”  still not a big fan of the dog.  Seeds are growing, beginning to sprout!

This afternoon for lunch they ate hot dogs, grapes, tomatoes!  Our supply of noodle bowls from Costco ran out last night (YIPPEE) the smell was just about making me gag!!  Both girls have severe tooth decay the smell is very offensive but we hug and kiss just the same.  Dentist appointments come in May.

The girls head back to the hospital Wednesday for Ekgs.  Zinnia is the one they are more concerned about, you can hear a clear murmur in her heart beat, it may be nothing.

I’m mildly getting more concerned about Lainee’s voice.  Those of you who have heard her know that she SHOUTS everything.  Her voice is so stressed sounding.  I think I need to get her ears checked.  Noah goes in this week for a post op. check and I may see if she can get looked at.  Today at lunch we could not believe how loud she talks!  I smiled at her and said, “Lainee Grace, why do you shout all your words????”  She looked right at me and laughed and shouted, “I DON”T KNOW!!!!!!”  We all died laughing!  I have never heard her say that but we must say it to them often enough for her to pick it up!

Feeling thankful, my parents are home safe and sound and they plan to visit this weekend.  This photo is of the girls and my brother’s little girl.  Yes, I’m holding a basketball, but don’t let that fool you!

Enjoying the growing I’m seeing in all the kids,


lainee ready for a rainy day!


2 Responses to “”

  1. Sonia April 25, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    First of all, LOVE the new blog! You are officially on my daily check in list on my sidebar! Second, gracious the transformation in them is stunning! 7 pds?! You go mama!

  2. Carolyn April 25, 2011 at 7:27 pm #

    I love your new blog! You are great at this and recording your story, while also encouraging others. I’m excited to see and hear all that God is doing and thankful for the good reports that have come back from the doctors and blood work. Glad you all had a wonderful Easter. Look forward to catching up more soon.

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