oodles of noodles

28 Apr

Sorry!! Chopped off faces!  I can’t seem to get a picture that will fit this header!  I am still getting the hang of this!

I spent the morning yesterday with the two new girls and Gigi at the hospital.  They each had an ecocardiogram and I don’t know any results yet.  They did great and we had a wonderful chat with the sweet technician, who at one point began crying and said, “I’m sorry” as she excused herself.  I actually didn’t talk much.  It was her asking questions about the girls, me answering and praying that God would touch her heart.  Praying that the girls would bring Him glory.  Gigi was a big help, Lainee- a big squirmer.  Praying each visit will be purposeful, not wasting any opportunities, letting God work in other’s hearts.

I have been so tired of our kitchen smelling like the Costco noodle bowls.  The last one was finished off a few days ago- yippee.  HOWEVER…when we were at Costco yesterday Lainee screamed out, “oh Mom!  NOODLES!!!!”  She had spied them way up on the tippy top of an aisle.  All the kids wanted them!  I gave in!  We purchased 36 noodle bowls yesterday and 12 of them are gone already.  Now everyone enjoys the noodle bowls.  It is really easy, actually and all the kids can do it themselves now.  I also got talked into purchasing two huge salmon filets by these two adorable little Chinese girls that were riding in my cart!

just cookin' up some salmon for lunch!

The girls love to talk with Daddy when he’s at work.  I have copied his office phone number on a sticky note down at their level.  They will ask a couple times a day to call daddy.  So, this time I happened to say yes and forgot that Chris was at the airport, not the office.  I snapped some photos and video of Lainee chatting away with Daddy in Chinese.  Then after a few minutes she was done and yelled, “mommy!” I grabbed the phone and said, “hi there!”  And the voice on the other end said, “Laura. This is Chad”.  This is Chris’ partner at the office.  Those of you who know him, can you just hear him say it?  He was afraid to just hang up because she was so convinced it was her daddy!  I said, “yeah, probably not too good for the whole attachment thing we’ve got going!” He said that he looked up on his computer how to say mommy in chinese to try to get her to hand me the phone!  What a riot.

Lainee Grace gabbing (NOT with her daddy)!

did you know this is how we find them each night? sound asleep in the same bed. Fine with us! They need eachother! I can't imagine just having one.

The girls are speaking in little cut up sentences.  “Look, Mommy, no rain, bike?” They try very hard but never get frustrated which amazes me.  Today my oldest son and a friend where messing around with the Chinese language app on our ipad.  I had forgotten about that!  They asked if I wanted to tell them anything.  Oh yes!  Tell them that they will stay here with us forever!!! (thank you, sonia!!!) He spoke into the ipad, read the correct translation, pressed the screen and it spoke the words meaning, “you will stay with us forever!” to Zinnia who understood the ipad and what we were doing.  If you could have seen her face!  She did not have that peace before, and my heart had told me that several times.  She jumped up and said, “Yes??” and we said, “yes!!!” and she yelled, “YES! YES! YES!” then told Lainee in Chinese and Lainee turned and hugged me. (hope they keep their good behavior now that they know we won’t return them :P ) I can’t wait to communicate with them how they can be with us for all eternity! ” For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son (Jesus) that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE!”  John 3:16   

Coming up next time the answer to the most frequently asked question so far…”HOW IS MIMI DOING WITH ALL THIS??”  And other honest updates on the big kids’ new life.


3 Responses to “oodles of noodles”

  1. Sonia April 28, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    Yay! They know! I’m so glad our experience was in some way helpful! It is amazing to me that this isn’t adequately conveyed to them prior to our arrival. So glad they are settling in and making good friends with your hubs co-workers! :)

  2. Kari April 28, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    Oh my word, I LOVE how technology is used by God in wonderful ways like that… Bless their little hearts!! Can’t wait to love ’em up good on Saturday again. Love you all!! <3

  3. Janey Lynch May 5, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    Laura, I have REALLY enjoyed reading your posts. I have followed them since day one. What a wonderful thing your family has done. Amazing Love… Your stories have inspired me. Thank you. Love you dearly, Janey

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