company’s comin’!

29 Apr

  This is my mom!  Isn’t she cute?  She really is lovely inside and out.  She has been in Africa with my dad, she’s a nurse.  We get to see my parents this weekend and she will spend the week with me and mine while my dad drives back home!  We are anxious for them to meet the girls and for the girls to meet them.  My parents have instilled in each of their four children a few things that we all have, even though we are all very different.  It’s from them and God.  To befriend the friendless and to seek out the lonely: This was MANDATORY when we were school age, became a part of us as we developed into young adults.  They taught us humility, to not think too big of ourselves, to think big of God; to give, and live and love and spend our time wisely.  Please realize I’m not saying that I’m perfect in these areas!  Hello!  I’m just commenting on characteristics that were important to my parents and that we all ended up catching then embracing, even if not perfectly.  They are great role models for me and many others.  They have amazing stories of their time in Africa and I can’t wait to hear more when they come, and to share of our travels to China as well.

When I first told my mom that we were going to adopt again she was thrilled.  When we later announced that it was 2 and that they were older, and special needs… she hung in there with me, but asked lots of “motherly” questions :).  I will never forget a phone call I got from her last fall.  I was outside sitting on my driveway, trying to chat with her alone, quietly!  She said something I will never forget.  Just 4 little words that seem like nothing but as a son or a daughter you love to hear.  She said, “Laura, honey, I just called and wanted you to know that I’m in your camp!”  This was in reference to our adopting the girls.  Support.  Encouragement.  Tears as she listened to my heart.  She understood the calling was so unique and also confirmed uniquely.  It was her way of saying, “Go for it!  I’m with you!  I’m behind you!”

And, this is my dad, I can’t remember what he was working on over there but I will find out this weekend!  They are great parents.  Family has always been a priority for them.  They are both active Bible teachers and I wish I had their speaking ability but that gift missed me and hopped down to my brother John and I’m certain my sister is a budding Bible teacher as well.  We’ll find out  for sure about her when the clouds of homeschooling four little ones clears, right Sarah?  These very special people became sold out followers of Christ in adulthood; began bringing their family to church, chose Christian education for their kids and did an amazing job with not much more than their prayers and their Bibles and their devotion and love for their kids and each other!  Mom and Dad- I love how you are spending your lives!!!  You inspire me!  I’M IN YOUR CAMP!  Laura


One Response to “company’s comin’!”

  1. Susan Wood April 29, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    I know your parents will be so touched and honored at your devotion and love for them after reading this post. I too am one of the inspired people they have touched over the years. I am so proud to say I am a sister and sister-in-law to these amazing individuals.

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