just thankful

30 Apr

Not taking time to proof this, just writing quick and thankful:

Ever since the kids have been little i have dragged them along on little “feeding” errands, some years more then others.  We would pack little bags of food for the homeless in our area and deliver it with a smile.  I live it a town that is called home to some of  the richest of the rich in our country and blocks away homeless people wonder to the nearest church held shelter.  Through the years we get to know them, not their personalities but the way they look, giving them nick names.  I know where to find them in our town, everyone does, really.  I’m amazed that even when seasons come and go as far as my consistency goes in reaching out to the homeless, my children still know and remember and follow.  They are watching.  I tend to put pressure on myself and I get waves often of, “I want to DO SOMETHING!!!!”  I try to dyscypher:  is this me or the Holy Spirit?  I don’t know but I just feel that way often.

I know so many of you have great ideas. Keep non parishable food items in your cars for them.  I’ve even pulled over and said to my kids, “ok, who wants to deliver?” I understand this sound risky but in my town it’s not, not outside of the Starbuck’s downtown, or the dry cleaners down my road.  It’s good, our kids are watching.  I’ve let my kids watch me touch them.  Touch a hand, shake a hand, touch them, with a smile and a “Jesus loves you”.  They watch you.  You are impacting those who watch you and those you touch.

One of my sons and his friend would head out early in the morning for a run down our town’s running path and end up and the bagel shop.  Months later while working at a local homeless shelter this son of mine commented to me, “oh there’s the guy that my friend and I buy bagels for when we run.”  I had no idea!

I’ve been thinking of making food packs again with the kids, visiting some places we know where needy hangout (I have so many friends in my town who do this same thing!  They are well fed here:) ).  I’m having that “I want to DO something!” feeling when I drive by them, want my new girls to see what it’s all about.  These are mentally unstable dirty, these homeless people who talk in circles.  I’ve been thinking how we can integrate the new sisters into reaching out to the needy themselves, watching us.  Then God. God did it for me.

We never eat IN Mcdonald’s!  But, we have a new van and new sisters and you get the idea…we ended up eating INSIDE our local Mc Donald’s one day last weekend, with daddy.  We were all happy, excited and chatty!  This suddenly ended and I was instantly not hungry.  After we put our trays down at the table and looked around we all noticed at the same time that we had set up our spot right next to a homeless man.  The smell, the look of his hands, his feet, his hair.  The smell.  The little bags of possessions.  You know what I mean.  Hummmm….it was just sad.  I noticed as the new sisters stared, no one talking, just them staring.  Surely they knew something was not right.  All of us were quiet, youngers staring, olders trying to eat.  All of us with eyes on DAD.  The children all seemed to say in their eyes, “whatcha gonna do, dad?”  Chris got right up before taking a bite and greeted the man.  The man, a creation of our God.  Asked what he would like and was back in a few minutes with a meal for The Man.  Right then and there I thought, THEY ARE WATCHING!  These new little girls, they are checking everything out.  Life is painful.  He is beginning the work in these young hearts. He is planting seeds in their hearts and taking a load off of me at the same time.  Do you know what I mean?  He was letting a desire of my heart for our girls,our family, happen right before my eyes.  I just want to be careful with my words here.  I hope you understand how loved and cared for I felt, hopefully he, The Man, felt the same.

These new sisters, daughters are a HUGE blessing.  I can’t even tell you how amazed I am.  I just feel God’s grace when I tuck them in each night!  These  institutionalize girls, have huge hearts, are lovely and very polite, they are genuinely sweet, nice girls, happy and joyful.  I’m telling you, we are so surprised by this, so so so thankful that we have both.  Lainee Grace especially blesses us all everyday with such laughter.  They need each other and we need them!

The photo above: tonight this tender young man son of mine babysat his new little sisters so that i could run out to church to see Gigi’s play.  I came home and he surprised me!  The girls had been rocked and brushed teeth and bible read and house spotless.  thank you!  you deserve that stinky noodle bowl!


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