zinnia joy

2 May

I got to go to China and dig in the dirt.

God gave me a little seed, said, “protect it from hurt.”

We hopped aboard an airplane, flew the world around.

When we got home I got to plant this seed in my own ground.

With love and sun, compassion, grace, clean air, food and exercise,

I now get to watch this seed, grow, bloom, change oh my beauty, “arise!”

Zinnia is such a blessing to our family.  Words really can’t describe all the joy she truly brings me.  ugh, just no words, or time today to expand,  just thankful.

zinnia with her nana and uncle john, checking out nana's africa photos!

Zinnia likes baby dolls, flowers, crafts, cleaning, helping, swimming, biking and her siblings.  She is talking more and more (words we can understand that is!).  She is kind and compassionate and honest.  Lainee Grace is her very best friend and they really need each other right now, they enjoy each other so much!   It’s fun to hear them speak to eachother in English.  They call each other by their new names and will say little things in English, “Come on Zinnia, brush teeth, let’s go!”  It’s really amazing and fun for our whole family.

zinnia giving cookie a bath with daddy, no longer afraid!

We are enjoying Nana being here.  My week is packed and it’s very helpful for her to split the load with me!

Zinnia’s ecocardiogram was not normal.  They don’t seem alarmed but did say that the Thal. seems to have stressed out the left side of her heart, “taken its toll”.  I can’t remember right now what it’s called. I will meet with the cardiologist in the next couple weeks.  They are not alarmed and didn’t want me to be.  We just need to be aware and watch and pray!  She is okay to have surgery on Wednesday.

My mom’s dad, my grandpa, fell and is having a hip replacement!  I’m so grateful she’s staying on with me, I know she may leave at anytime to be with my grandma!  These are amazing old people!

Zinnia prays so cute, “Thank you Jesus, everybody!”  When she sees a flower she’l yell, “Oh mommy!  Thank you Jesus!”

Not much more to report, enjoying every minute that the Lord gives me with these girls.  Learning to juggle the day.  Thankful for older kid who love them too! Gigi and I took them swimming again today.  They are just doing great in the water.  Boys are heading down town to a Bull’s game!  Girls night and home!  Nana and mom with drop early!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  gotta run!

we love you zinnia!


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