mother’s day

7 May

Happy Mother’s Day!

zinnia and mommy, look at that precious little face!

The we are enjoying our weekend away at the beach house.  The weather has been beautiful so between cleaning etc. we have really enjoyed walks to the beach, feeding the ducks off the dock and hiking around in the woods.  These girls are doing great.  It’s really fun to show them everything, everything is so new.

They got very kind of confused before we left to head up.  Dragging everything out of their bedroom, all clothes, toys etc. as they watched mom and Nana pack up to leave.  Both had tears that day, it was just confusing no matter how many times I tried to draw a picture of it or wave my arms around or point.  “Beach house 3 nigh nigh, then daddy drive back to out house!”  Not a very peaceful day.  But of course they travel so well!The girls love to be out side and ran around bare foot for most of the day here yesterday.  They are still sore from surgery but it’s getting better every day.  They loved the sand at the beach and after putting their toes in I think they under stand why we said, “no yo yo!  Cold!”  Yo yo is chinese for swim!  They decided to sleep together in the bottom bunk here too.  They sure don’t take up much space!  But, my big photos did so I posted more on the next entry…”sand rubs”  click there to see more…


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