love is in the house!

11 May

We are enjoying these girls so much.  The warm weather has provided lots of outside fun.

Can you get any cuter then that??

The girls language just keeps improving day by day.  I’m shocked with all they have picked up.  Last week I made a short little list of  words that they knew.  Now I couldn’t even keep track.  Lainee said, “Come here mom, I’ll show you…”  I had never heard her say the “I’ll show you” phrase before but I realized that I say it often to them.  Their increased English brings joy and heart ache to this mom.  I have a very heavy heart tonight.  Too heavy to blog about it.  Just needing to pray.  Tonight the girls shared about their orphanage and foster parents, about being abandoned, about the disciplining etc.  Information was just rolling out of them.  It’s just heavy.  We sat and rocked and cried and cried.  Mimi was there in the room and we all just cried, the three little Chinese girls and their mommy.  I looked at Mimi, so thankful that we have had her since she was 8 months.  The new girls, asking about mimi, as a baby she came to mommy?  etc.

me and my mim out to eat mother's day

You see, I never thought I would be quite so thrilled with them.  I never thought I would enjoy them this much.  I thought adopting older would be such work, such training.  I did not expect ANYTHING from this adoption.  So, I am blown away by the love I feel. Just flat out, blown away.

Do you ever listen to Toby Mac?  The song “Love is in the house”  is running through my mind.  “love is in the house and the house is packed, so much so we left the back door cracked…”

We do happen to leave our back door always cracked, our dog knows how to open it by her self, not shut it!  But this “back door cracked” for me represents God’s will in my life.  I want to leave the “back door” cracked, open to the Lord and His leading.  Not shutting the door and calling the shots because I feel “packed”.  You see, I felt completely “packed” before we adopted these two lambs.  I wanted to shut the door!  My husband, praise God, had to talk truth to me several times.  Understand, tonight my stomach feels sick.  I COULD HAVE MISSED THIS!  I’m just sick when I think about them staying there.  I will tell more details as I feel peace about it.  But for now, I will sit and watch the rain out my window and feel loved, knowing that God cries with me over their hurts, but this is not our home.  He is making all things new.  He has given them a new name, a new family, the knowledge of Christ!  He has perfectly revealed what He wants me to know tonight.  I will be sensitive, I will be comforting, I will be unconditional in my love to them, until God takes them to their forever home in glory, with him, forever.

Loving Him, Laura

rub and dub dub! The fun never ends for these three!


One Response to “love is in the house!”

  1. Laurie May 12, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Thank you for your insights, and for sharing your heart.

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