just for gigi, just because!

12 May

my girl, gigi

isn’t she a cutie?  Her heart is big and beautiful.  She is a true gift to me, straight from God.  He knew I needed her!  She is fun and funny and well rounded.  Thanks to her three big brothers she can roll with the punches and turn around and dress up and play her violin.   When she was born I thought our family was complete, our boys were 4, 3 and 14 months old at the time.  Life felt busy, crazy and hard!  Gigi was a handful as a toddler.  Wow!  She could throw a fit like I had never seen in her big brothers.  I desperately wanted her to be a nice girl!  I didn’t care what she looked like, my heart’s prayer was that Gigi would be lovely in God’s eyes, that she would bless others, be a good friend, helpful to me etc.  And what a lot of prayers I said over this little one.  She is a such a nice girl!  When gigi was three we went to china for the first time, bringing home Mimi.  It’s been so good for Gigi to be a big sister.  She is responsible and fun. Believe me, God’s adoption journey for our family has made Gigi who she is today, it has shaped her.  It has not always been easier but it is BETTER.

When we decided to pursue Lainee and Zinnia Gigi was the only one in the family that was apprehensive (except me, I mean!).  She and I would snuggle up together and read her Bible before bed and pray and she’s say, “mom, I just don’t think this will work, it’s just gonna be too much!”  There were days I was so scared, I thought we would be ruining her life by adopting two girls from a hard place with who knows what kind of baggage.  I remember after a couple of months worrying about her I felt like I was faced with a decision.  I was at a cross roads.  I could choose to pray diligently for Gigi’s heart to open to what we felt was God’s will in adopting these two, or I could continue worrying, sleepless, anxious and fretful.  I chose to pray.  I got to see God move and work.  I trusted Him that one day, even if  it was years away, I would see her love and accept these girls.  Every  night I would lay hands on her and we would pray for a change of heart, for God to open our hearts to love two people who could be very unloveable.  I was honest with her and told her several times that it was a leap of faith and a step of obedience.  It’s very difficult to look a few little photos of an older child and feel love, or it was for me.  It really was.  Honestly.  It’s something you know you are supposed to do but you trust God to take care.  You yearn for them to come home and be a part of your  life yet are hoping that it will all be okay!  Over the months I got to see Gigi change, her heart open, even excited.  One night after praying for about a month, during our family prayer time in the evening Gigi prayed a beautiful prayer for the new sisters waiting.  I knew this was God working.  Today she is a super big sister to three girls!  Back in the days of 4, 4 and under I never would have imagined that there would be more girls then boys one day.  Never imagined that adoption would be such blessing to us.   God is all about making things new.

Anyway, I guess I just want to encourage you to come to the cross roads, will you diligently pray and excitedly watch God work?  Will you worry and fret and be sleepless?  Be encouraged you mothers of  strongwilled, toddlers!  Keep praying and watching God develop a beautiful girl right before your eyes!  The years go by way to fast.  My gigi is on the cusp of adolescence, oh how i want to stop time!  But I know the best is yet to come.

here she is grabbing a couple of frogs out of a “pond” at a nature park near our house.  Actually all of the kids love to catch the frogs, there was an announcement over the loud speaker eventually, “please do  not handle the frogs, they are laying eggs today!” I’m pretty sure they made that announcement because of us!

isn't she cool?


2 Responses to “just for gigi, just because!”

  1. Laurie May 13, 2011 at 8:24 am #

    Love that Gigi!

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