remember to pray

17 May

My girls are out of sorts.

They are wilted, a mess of emotions.

Tears, hugs, “hold me”

pale faces, puffy eyes,

no energy.


Everything is a bigger deal when I don’t feel 100%.

I’m sure for them it’s even more so.

I can’t imagine really all they are dealing with, the physical “off” that their condition  brings and the emotional issues their huge life transition brings.


Everything is difficult, yesterday and today.

Lots of tears, lots of just “offness”.

They need several things right now; one is blood, one is unconditional love and having their needs met, by me.

So the juggle goes on…

Jesus, show me what is most needful today!

I want these girls to understand that I am for them.  I’m on their side.  I’m here to help them.  This is providing an opportunity for just that!

We go on Wednesday and Thursday for several appointments including hearing and teeth and a transfusion.


Boys needing help with math, violin lesson that needs mom’s help to prepare for, assignments that need correcting, dog that’s throwing up, and on and on.  Jesus, show me what is most needful today…

“Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup, you have made my lot secure.  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance!”  Amen.  Yes, Lord, the life you have assigned me is just that:  ASSIGNED by my creator!  Pleasant!  Thank you Lord, show me what’s most  needful!

Boys helping each other in math…

This doesn't go with the post today but, aren't these guys cool? We love to have the guys over for bull's games or weekend movies! These are great boys, blessings all. Most of their mom's follow the blog so I just had to drop this in today. JOY!

walk ’em, okay!

So, Gigi and I packed up the wilted little flowers that these girls are today.  We tucked them in the double jogging stroller and snuggled them in with soft blankets, a favorite snack and kisses on their pale little faces.


Off we went, no energy for bikes today.  We walked slowly for 50 minutes, enjoying the fresh air, the beautiful flowers, our new little girls and each other, me and gig.  Returning to joy, to peace, to enjoyment.  I could have missed this, I could have stayed home juggling and miserable, defeated.  I must remember to pray, all day!

As we rounded the corner to come home Gigi gave me a little side hug and said some words I’ll share with you, not to praise my self, but to glorify God and to testify of His grace and mercy and goodness in my life.  4 little words that I will treasure forever.  4 little words that God put on her tongue, just for me.  A boost, a lift, a fresh start after a very trying morning in our home.  She softly and genuinely said,

“Mom, you are amazing!”

“No, Gigi, He is.”  And HE IS.


One Response to “remember to pray”

  1. evanderveen May 17, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    Amen! What a testimony you all are to one another in the midst of life and the many transitions it brings! Sarah shared your blog with me, and I am so honored to hear about your lives and the grace that abounds in each day. Thank you for posting this. xoxo

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