Special Needs!

20 May

Lainee’s ears:

The doctor said, “her ear drums are not normal”.  After a tympanic test we learned that the bones inside her ear, behind the ear drum do not vibrate like they should, they think it is due to fluid in her ears.  However, she did ok on a hearing test, the right ear was not normal in hearing but it wasn’t extreme, just not within normal range.  Our ENT is Chinese, he is a believer, gentle.  I praised God when Lainee smiled at His welcoming face.  He doesn’t speak Chinese.  He suspects that she has had chronic ear infections that have not been treated.  Poor thing.  Little Lainee.  I hate reports like that, my heart drops and I wish I could have had her as a baby.  But, that was NOT God’s plan.  This is her journey, for His glory, for her good.  I trust Him but my heart feels sad.  So, we check again to see if the little amount of fluid behind her ears goes away.  He said she does not qualify for hearing help, yet.  He thought she could benefit from tubes, a possibility in months ahead.  I brought Noah along who is tender and who connects so well with Lainee.  Noah had surgery on his ears four days after we came home from China so our doctor checked his ears as well, they are slowly healing.  Praise God for the way he worked everything out for Lainee at the ENT.

Our next stop was the hospital for the girls MUCH needed transfusion.  HOKEY PETES!!!  They were in very bad shape.  I brought Gigi with me for transfusion day and she was a great help and the girls loved having her there all day.  Zinnia in particular was very excited about getting her blood, she wanted to feel better!!!  Lainee Grace fell asleep almost immediately.  I had been praying for wisdom in their treatment plan and have read-up on differing theories.  In addition my mom is a nurse and helped me think of questions to ask and things to ask for when I saw the doctor again.  It was a surprise to all of us how low the girls fell in 21 days.  So, I pushed.  I pushed and pushed and felt bold, I felt like a mother bear!  “These are my babies and they do not fit into your 28 day transfusion plan!!!”  He would not draw them for 3 weeks and I pushed and pushed and he was gracious and understood.  They will be going in TODAY to see how high they actually got up to with their transfusion yesterday.  I pushed to have hemo. drawn every week, he said they don’t but then gave in, gently and respectfully. I pushed for hyper transfusion, to get them to a 10 and then let them fall.  He does not hypertransfuse but agreed to do so these next few weeks or  months.  He suspects their spleens are absorbing the hemo. they need.  We will wait as long as possible to take spleen’s out.  Their iron levels were both off the charts, high.  Xjade, yes, for those who have asked.

The doctor was gentle I felt like he really cared and was touched by my care for them.  I really did.  He told me that they are amazed at the similarities between our two girls.  It really is crazy.  God planned this for them, for us, from the beginning of time.  These two where meant to be together.  I’m so thankful they can be on the same schedule.

The girls are so happy today and full of energy.  Zinnia said, “Zinnia, no blah….Zinnia, YES! GO GO GO!!!”

Have you ever considered adopting an older, special needs child?  I would encourage you to do so!  It really is joy beyond belief!  I am so thankful that we did not miss this! When we adopted mimi as an infant my other children were little, they didn’t really grasp what we had done, why we were doing it., I was on cloud nine when we brought her home but this is different.  Not more love for them, just different, more rewarding for our family, more FUN.  Having older children and adopting older children is such a blessing, FUN, good!  Hard?  yes at times but hard is good.  Christ chose the cross!  I just have to believe that as a body of Christ we can bring that 147 million orphans number down.  Not for everyone, but for more then there are!    They are special, special children.  God the Father has great love and mercy for these children and the families that adopt them.  GREAT Mercy.  You will be in for a treat, a deep, deep faith growing experience.  Always easy and happy-happy?  NO.  Better?  YES!! I would even go so far as to say to you, if you have ever considered adoption and are currently praying about it as a united couple (both on board):  MOVE FORWARD.  This is not something that God the father takes lightly, believe me in this:  If it is NOT God’s will for your adoption to go through HE WILL close the door.  However, it takes faith, a leap of faith that is VERY scary, on your part.  Hold your spose’s hand and jump, under the wings of the Lord.  Be ready for a very special journey.

We had one adoption fall through 4 years ago.  A little girl in China.  Chris and I felt the call to adopt again.  One night Chris had a dream about a little girl who was missing her left arm.

Little Honey Hope. A very special child of God, perfectly placed in her family, somewhere in the world!

I emailed a Christian friend who had started an orphanage in China.  I boldly told him about the dream.  He emailed right back and said, “Laura, the girl in Chris’ dream is here.  She arrived a couple weeks ago, she is missing her left arm.”  Through several complicated issues we lost little “Honey Hope” ( the little name we gave her.)  The months leading up the the disappointment God confirmed her over and over.  I was running into people nearly everyday with one arm, and several other little things God used to keep me brave and keep pressing forward to bring her home.  The day we got the call that it was final and she would not be coming to our family I hung up the phone, prayed, cried a little and instantly began my cycle ( i know I have young reader).  It was not the scheduled time for my cycle.  It was like a miscarriage, honestly, shocking and precious is a strange way.  It was over.  We didn’t miss God’s call, He just shut the door.  It was part of our family’s journey to Lainee Grace and Zinnia.  I learned to be brave, to hear His voice and to trust that He is always good.  THat He gives and takes away, because He is sovereign and I trusted Him.

Have a blessed weekend.

Press on!

Full of Joy and Thanks to Him who blessed me with 2 special needs Chinese Girls,  A double portion of God’s grace to our family!



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