24 May

Yesterday we just had to get out of here!  You know those days.

We packed the girls’ bikes in the back of the van and off we headed.  First we stopped at the bagel shop.  I was wondering what the girls would do.  The really do not eat much more then noodles, especially Zinnia.  I was shocked when they pointed to the picture of a huge “bagel dog”.  I said, “maybe share one?”  Oh  no.  They both really really really wanted their own huge bagel dog.   I bought them both a huge bagel dog and let them each pick out a sprite.  They were on cloud nine!  I wanted them to feel part of the gang, part of us, like us.  I wanted to say, “no sprite, let’s get juice,” but, I had already told the “big kids” that they could get whatever drink they wanted today.  I held back my motherly-ness and just wanted them to feel “part of it all”.  Just one of us.  Telling them that they had to get juice today would have brought on tears, I know my girls.  I also knew that they would take two sips of the sprite and be done.  It’s the price I chose to pay gladly, for them to feel part of us, loved, like the rest of the kids,  big ole bagel dogs and big ole sprites like the rest of us.  As we walked out I knew I had NOT wasted money.  I had two girls who really wanted to get out of the house like the rest of us, two girls with whom I very much want  to establish the fact that they are part of the gang.  Everyday it’s like this for me.  I feel like I’m constantly praying about how to handle things.   He is keeping me needing Him and I’m thankful for His grace and wisdom.

Weeeee!  I was so happy, they are branching out!

Look how happy they are!

yes! i know it's on the picnic table! yikes.

After lunch they road bikes all the way around the little lake.

good job lainee!

“BIG BIKE”  they said for such a long bike ride.  It was wonderful!  They often comment on how blue the sky is, and I remember, in China I never needed my sunglasses, it always felt gloomy.

No, they did not eat the bagel dogs.

can you guess what that is?

In fact we brought them down to the lake to feed the ducks and fish and geese.  The girls loved it!  When we walked away I noticed the sign, “please do not feel the water fowl”  oops.

Where is Mimi?  She goes to kindergarten, all of our children did, she loves it (and so do I)!

These girls are happy and loving being part of our family.

This is so good for my boys! Jonah is always very helpful!

Today in the mail they got their US citizenship documents with their names and photos on the front.  It was so good for them to find their names and to know somehow that this is forever.

I’m committed to getting these girls healthy on several levels.  I just never ever ever expected that I would fall so deeply in love with them.  With an over flowing, thankful (and tired )heart,

both of us just can't get enough!



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  1. Ali Diaz May 24, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Such a sweet post! Love how the new girls got to be part of the action. The hugging picture at the end is beautiful!

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