All things new

25 May

may 25, 2010

One year ago today was the day that we decided to adopt again.  The entire month of May last year our conversations and prayers centered on that one topic, SHOULD WE ADOPT AGAIN?

God was making it very clear through His Word, radio sermons and books that we were reading at this time.  However, life seemed way too full as it was!  I wanted the adoption conversations to go away!  I remember thinking to my self one day, “I just want to do life EASY!”  Surely adding another child to the mix and all the paper work and mental energy that goes with it would not make life easier.  The conversations were not going away.  We had involved our children and they were so hoping we would add another little Jones to our family.

May 25, 2010– Yes, this was the day our prayers finally changed.  That afternoon Chris and I prayed and this time we prayed, “Lord, you see us, you know us.  You see us walking down this road to another adoption.  Lord, we feel like you are calling us to adopt again.  Please shut this door if it is not your will, in the meantime you see us walking this road. A second adoption.  Lord, who?  Narrow the search and give direction.  This all is only for your glory.”

May 25, 2010 was my birthday.  I had gone out to eat lunch with a friend and stopped at another friend’s house to pray and share with her, in confidence, our decision to adopt again.  During our prayer my cell phone rang, it was Chris.  He was completely chocked up, said he was about to cry.  He told me that just now the door bell rang and a plumber showed up, we had called a few days before.  This plumber walked into our house, looked at Chris and said, “I’m wondering what it is you are praying about, I’d like to pray for you.” Chris said, my wife is at her friend’s house praying right now, we have been praying about adopting another child.  This plumber looked at Chris and said, “DO IT!  Go forward, you will never regret it. I will pray for you.”  And he did his job and left.  One month before we left for China to get the girls this same man came again to work.  He told me right away that he had been praying for us and the girls and that we were “in for a great treat!”  HA!  This was the same time I was dreading going to china to adopt, I was crying every other day, hoping my husband would stop the whole thing.  This man reminded me that this is God’s thing.  Now that I think of it….when did we ever tell him it was 2 girls????  (hokey petes!)  when he was first at our house we had no idea.  Noah, up at 6 to wish me a happy b. day.  This poster was truly a labor of love for this handwriting-spelling challenged sweet heart who loves to sleep in.  Dad is out of town and Noah wanted me to wake up with a birthday greating.  He's back in bed now!  God bless Him.

This was the first of MANY very special ways that God blessed us this last year, the months leading up to adopting, 100% grace to us.  I truly felt like God was taking over and doing this adoption.  It really made no sense, it was scary, who would it be? what if we ruin our family!  The theme that God would put in my face several times a month in the months to come was, “BEHOLD I AM MAKING ALL THINGS NEW”!

When we decided to adopt Mimi God graced me so much then too.  My anxiety can get sky high, my faith weak, my worry REAL.  This is why He is so gracious, He would confirm it over and over, I was daily looking for Him.  Col.  3″Be devoted to prayer and be watchful.”  I did NOT want to adopt if it was not His will.  I had given away my high chair and now as the months closed it and mimi would be coming home soon I knew I needed to buy one.  I was floored one day as I was driving, PRAYING, “Lord I am watchful for you…”  There on the side of the road was my exact high chair!  A little ranch house in a neighborhood I never drive through.  Just sitting there, I pulled over put it in my truck, told the kids God had provided a highchair as a way of confirmation and cried all the way home.

May25, 2010 – the day we stepped out and began to pray for a search to narrow for our next adoption.  This day my neighbor came over and knocked on my door and said, “I have a crib I don’t need, do you guys plan on having more kids?  Do you want it?”  DO WE PLAN ON HAVING MORE KIDS?  The Lord, my coach was whispering, “Come on, now!  Come on!”  Cheering me on to move forward.  Needless to say, I took the crib.  I wasn’t sure!  Was it going to be a baby we would adopt?

May 25, 2010 Birthday dinner out at Maggiano’s with the family, gluten free pasta for me, what a treat!  The family next to us, a little black girl in their arms.  My heart swelled.  God was cheering me on, ” come on now!”  I was excited about who our next child would be.

NEVER DID I IMAGINE  that God would call us to 2 special needs 6.5 and 7 year old Chinese girls.  I’m so thankful that He did.  I am daily thanking Him for this HUGE blessing in my life.  Yesterday the three girls rode their bikes in our neighborhood and I walked behind them, helping the new girls as needed.  My heart was full to overflowing and I cried!  Such great peace! There is nothing else I would rather be doing right now!  Loving these girls, loving them up, training them, teaching them, healing them.  There really is no greater joy for me.  Daily I cringe when I remember that I could have missed this had I listened to “what makes sense”.  HE HAS MADE ALL THINGS NEW for our family and we are better for it.  Thank you Jesus!

Lainee Grace- I really think she is the funniest thing God made in our lives.

Lainee Grace sings in Chinese:


One Response to “All things new”

  1. jean Mulvahill May 25, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

    Happy Birthday Laura!! YES, today is my birthday, too!! How funny we have the same day!!

    Love your post and love how the Lord has moving you into action! I am so amazing at his grace and love! We also feel so guided by Him! I question, I wonder, I worry but he never makes a mistake- and from what I have experienced so far… that’s exactly right!!

    Love your sweet girls and all your adorable kiddos!! Such blessings!

    Hope you had a great day!!

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