Lainee I love you beach!!

31 May

a great relaxing fun time with friends at the beach.  Going out to eat?  A table for 16!  sleeping?  Bunkbeds galore!  Great fun and fellowship.

My Lainee with her name's sake Elaine. Two very special "Lights" in this world.

The weather was fabulous.  One night we watched a huge storm cloud come across the lake and saw 8 beautiful white swans in a group.  It was a beautiful contrast.  I have never seen swans on the big lake. wishing i had a picture to share it with you.all the children took the kyacks out.  Christopher and Ollie woke up at 6 to get a head start!we all enjoyed lots of walks.  The girls love love love the beach house.  love the hikes, the water, all of it!

lainee yelled out after this photo was taken, "Lainee I love you beach!!!!"

mimi and her "best friend" Spency. Elaine has a beautiful English accent and said of the 2, "they get along like a house on fire!" giving us all a good chuckle.

Today is our anniversary.  I just can’t say enough about my husband!  He is constantly looking to my needs before his own.  I know he could  not say that of me!  He provides rest for me, help for me, comfort, joy, peace, “breaks” when I need them.  I have never felt that this life is a burden too heavy for me, he is ALWAYS there for me and puts our family first.  He is wise and worthy of my respect.  He is my best thing.  I do not take this for granted.  Thank you Lord for Chris.

my wonderful man, fun and funny what a great dad and husband! best friend!


One Response to “Lainee I love you beach!!”

  1. Laurie May 31, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Fun, fun, fun!

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