Joy restorer

7 Jun

“Mommy, in China NO JESUS!!!”

“No one told you about God or about Jesus?”

“No, mommy!”

I remember before adopting we heard an adoption speaker say, “never, ever, expect that your adopted child will thank you for adopting them.”  That makes  sense to me.   Especially with an infant that has been adopted.

Since coming home with Lainee and Zinnia I have head them both say thank you, boisterously, several times, sometimes several times in a day.

We were at Target the other day and walked by the flip flop wall display.  Lainee found her little pink sparkly flip flops, the ones I had purchased before our trip to China.  She pointed to them and said, (oops, nope, not said, this is Lainee Grace so I mean YELLED)”MOM!  Lainee shoes long gang!”  She calls China long gang- the name of their orphanage.  I told her that yes mommy came here and picked those out for her before we left to get her.  At that moment she through her arms around my neck and yelled “thank you mommy, thank you mommy, thank you mommy come get lainee long gang!!!!!!!!!”  This is a regular thing at my house right now. Lots of thankyous, lots of “no more long gang!”  Lots of hugs of reassurance.

Mimi as well, adopted at 8 months has told me several times since bringing the new sisters home, “I’m so glad you got me right away!  Thank you so much mom!!!!!!”

My mimi- she's a crazy good reader. This is how I find her several times a day. Naomi- a "pleasant gift" to our family.

I have noticed that if we are around other people Zinnia will ask for me to hold her.  I’m not sure what it is all about but she ALWAYS asks for me to pick her up and hold her.  It’s okay, it’s good right now.  She may be insecure, unsure, needy, scared?

Zinnia has asked us several times if daddy would call long gang and tell Susu to let the children there eat more and to not be told “NO EAT”.  I’m  believing that God wants us to pray for the children there.  The children all over the globe who are waiting for a family.  It breaks my heart in two when I think of almost missing this and my 3 little girls, my daughters still being there.  We are better because of God’s grace, calling us together as a family.

I will never understand the rationale that children are better off in an institution.  Nope, I will never believe that.  I have seen too many lives completely restored to ever believe that any life is better off not in a family.  Every child deserves a family, every child is better in a family.  I pray that God would raise up more families, families to adopt and to share Jesus’ love with the least of these.

If you are in the adoption process I would so be encouraged to hear your story, even briefly.  Can you share in my comments section?  Even if I know your process already, it might be encouraging to other readers, and interesting to hear of others.   This is the narrow road.  This is often a lonely road, a busy road, a hectic, messy road.  Large family-adoption life: large, unglamous vehicle driving around town(this huge black van is so stinking hot in the summer!), two grocery carts pushed around the store, messy kitchen ALL day, massive laundry , random shoes and socks thrown around the house in odd places, finger prints on the walls, personalities clashing, arguments, on and on.  But the joy is deep, Oh the joy!  IT is! The blessing of laughter and privilege of watching God be God, providing for all your needs as you mother your crew.  Joy!  I feel like I always need to say this, or you email me ugly comments!….I KNOW ADOPTION IS NOT FOR EVERYONE (but i have to believe there are more out there who can) okay, sorry!

The years go by so fast.  Enjoy every moment with your kids today.  Summer break, chaos, “free time”, arguments.  It all passes through the hand of our loving Father.  It’s all allowed by Him to draw us deeper still.

Yesterday I saw one of the “new” sisters be mean to another sibling.  It’s ugly, yuk, a messy situation, communication break down, selfishness, sin, the whole bit.  Ugly.  I felt like I had a choice.  As I watched it unravel I prayed and felt that I could choose to be discouraged or I could remember the gospel.  Remember the gospel.   It kept running through my mind.  Lord, what is this???  Remember the gospel.  I pray and think deep inside…” How many times, my child, have you hurt my other children? I extend grace to you, I’m loving you still, I’m forgiving, I’m gentle, I draw you back with loving kindness.” So also I must be this to my new girls, my other children as well.   So, I’m not discouraged when summertime arguments erupt under my nose.  This is good, in so many ways, good to see, good to correct, good to remember Jesus and His death for me, even in my sin.  I know in faith nothing falls in my day without the consent of a loving God.  Remembering that He sees the big picture of my life and thankful for that today,


Lord, RESTORE your people TO JOY!


2 Responses to “Joy restorer”

  1. Wynne's Mom June 7, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Laura, how I love the heart of Christ as it shines through your words. I know that I am not the only one who reads you post and is drawn into his sweet, sweet love for us.

    As you know, our precious Wynne is a daily reminder of how God changes hearts and minds. In the spring of 2003, Dan and I were entering our third year of marriage and had agreed we were going to be on “five year” plan regarding children. I asked Dan about having children sooner, and he notified me that he really didn’t want to have children and proceeded to convince me that our life would be so much more fun and relaxing without them. (Which could be true…some days! :)) I started telling our friends and family that we had decided not to have children and their comments were so interesting…”Missing out on God’s greatest gift, privilege, etc..” So I prayed and asked God to make Dan and me like minded. I would be content without children, or Dan would want a child. I pretty much laughed at that prayer…much like Sarah with Abraham. About two-three months later, we were sitting in my brother in-law’s den listening to his journey to China for graduate school. We came around to the families coming home with new babies. Dan was not familiar with the situation in China, and he started asking questions. The next morning he woke me up in the guest room telling me how he couldn’t sleep, couldn’t believe that a child would be “worth” less because it was a girl, and “we should adopt a baby girl from China.” I was a bit taken a back to say the least!

    We – He started to research adopting from China and found out that we both had to be 30 years old. Dan would not turn 30 until the fall of 2004. Over the next year, God grew the concept of adoption in each of us individually. Grew it in our hearts and minds. Grew our desire to connect with the life He had planned for our family. As 2004 approached, Dan and I agreed we would adopt….later. We would have two biological children and adopt two children. Well, again, God had another plan. In June of 2004, Dan contacted me and told me that he felt God wanted us to pursue adoption as our Plan A. He had a baby girl for us in China, and we needed to go get her. We started our dossier in August 2004 and submitted it to China on January 25th, 2005 (Our daughter’s birthday!). July 2005 we saw our beautiful girl’s picture and poured over every word we could read about her. September 2005, we met Wynne for the first time. Laura, you remember. What an incredible moment that was for each of us! I am amazed that there are families who have submitted a dossier in 2006 who are still waiting for their special one. God has blessed our family with our oldest daughter, a biological daughter, a biological son, and we are now waiting for our fourth child…waiting for us in China. How gracious my God has been to me. How He has loved me and blessed me with my children.

  2. Lynne June 7, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    Be still my heart. Hearing the laughter of your precious little ones, and seeing the joy and happiness on their beautiful faces – completely melts my heart !! :))

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