God provides

8 Jun

this morning the children were all talking about different friends.  Zinnia said, “mom, what friend?”  I listed off the children’s friends that she knows and she said, ” mom, zinnia no friends.  Lainee no friends.”  It really was sad and kind of awkward for us all.  After telling all the children how wonderful it is that we all have each other :) I prayed.  Lord, how do you want me to spend the day?  A friend came to mind and I knew I was supposed to call her.  I did and she said, “did you know we are moving today??”  I had no idea!  By 9:00 am I was  home alone with just the three younger girls.  We packed up what we could find in the house as a little meal for my friend and her family, made a fruit salad in a bowl that another friend had given to me when the girls came home.  And off we went, to the new house, to deliver the meal.  As I placed the fruit bowl in my friend’s new fridge I had another thought.  The fruit bowl came from another friend who has 3 children, one adopted from China, mimi’s friend.  She told me at the time, “keep the bowl it was meant for you!” when I had to call her and explain that one of the children had unloaded it and cracked it.  I decided I would make it a fill and pass kind of dish.  So, we filled and passed it along today.  Now it’s new owner can do the same, fill and pass along.

I decided our next stop should be the fruit bowl friend’s house.  I had picked up a couple of chinese dresses for our little friend and I knew that she had little gifts for my girls that we could exchange.  What a treat!  The girls played briefly and gave and received the little gifts.  It was very special for them to meet my friend and her chinese daughter.  What an encouraging time it was for me to visit with a friend! As we walked upstairs to check on the girls I realized that this was the first time they had been in someone else’s house, except family in michigan.  We came back in the afternoon to enjoy their lovely pool and the girls had a blast.


We left in our suits and made it to haircut appointments.  Originally I just scheduled one for lainee but then my wonderful haircutter said she wanted to do zinnia too!  So they both got all cleaned up.  Lainee was so funny and looks so cute!!

new do!

Zinnia was kind of shy but left with a loud, “see ya later!”


Ginger has cut my hair since she was a teenager, I’ve watched her grow up, getting married this fall.  Not born again but not for lack of hearing, she has SEVERAL believer clients who are bold witnesses. 

When we came home and shared the details of the day with the older ones who had come home from various events Lainee said, “MOM! Yes, Lainee, Zinnia FRIEND!”  And I smiled and thanked Jesus in my heart for seeing to that need.  Something that concerned them this morning has now been lifted.  A friend!  With the same precious adoption love story, with the same beautiful black hair and dark eyes.  Thank you Lord for Friends!  Thank you for caring about all the details of their lives, of our lives.


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