christopher birthday, pumping and hospital

9 Jun

The day started with a trip to the hospital early.  One brother off to summer school, one brother still in bed and I grabbed the other 5 kids and off we went.

This is Zinnia, Lainee and Mimi at the hospital. They staff is so fun and great with the girls. They love to do "the rocket". They load their blood into these tubes and push a button and off it goes to the lab.

We pushed and pushed and got the staff to agree to transfuse the girls again this week.  For those who care their levels were 10.7 and 10.5.  So, tomorrow will be our hospital day.  I’ll be so glad when we can be on a once every three week schedule.  I sometimes get a butterfly feeling in my stomach when I think of the future, that this is for LIFE.  So thankful that I can give that burden, that thought over to the Lord and serve Him the best I can one day at a time.  Just being faithful to Him one day at  a time and so thankful for His faithfulness to me.  These are His girls.

No time for breakfast so we swung through to get donuts on the way home.  Zinnia will eat one but Lainee says, “YUKKY!”  Can you imagine that?

After donuts we ran home and the girls made cards for Christopher’s birthday tomorrow.
no time for b-fast so we swung through for donuts on the way home.  Lainee thinks they are so yukky!  Can you imagine? She's not in the photo, she was feeling a little grumpy because I said no to chocolate milk.when we got home the kids made cards for Christopher’s birthday (June 9).  The girls LOVE Christopher.  And he genuinely adores them.  This is Zinnia’s card…I was so proud of her.  When she came home in April it was like she had never been given a blank piece of paper.  She now loves to create little master pieces for her family.

zinnia's card for Christopher!!!

Next we rode bikes to the park.  The girls ask everyday to go swing.  Today Zinnia learned to pump!  Again, her first time on a swing was when she first came home in April.  So happy for her.So, today is June 9 and Christopher turns 14 today.  My oldest baby!  He is such a great guy.  He loves to hang out with his friends and his brothers.  He loves tennis and movies, the beach and sleeping outside.  He’s adventurous and so lovely to his new sisters.  He’s tender and always makes sure that all 4 of his sisters get a hug everyday.  They all love Christopher.  Yesterday he came home from a long day at summer school and asked where the girls were.  Zinnia came running in and told Christopher that she could swing now.  He grabbed her hand and spent time with her outside, watching her swing on our swings and pushing her on the robe swing.  I’m so proud of christopher.

happy 14th christopher!

I’ve got to add a video of Lainee Grace and how she likes to swing.  She’ll learn soon, I hope!

Today we are heading to the hospital.  The girls are transfused again today.  It’s a long day for them.  My mom is driving down from Michigan to help out with everything else that happens today.  So thankful I could cry.

God is so faithful and good.  These girls are thriving and we are too.  What a blessing they are to us all!  Thankful this Thursday,





3 Responses to “christopher birthday, pumping and hospital”

  1. cristie June 9, 2011 at 8:12 am #

    Enjoy the day, Jones’s! So thankful to call you friends. So enjoyed Tuesday!
    Praying for everyone today….
    The English Family

  2. Kari June 9, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Happy Birthday to Christopher!! We are praying for you today, especially as you drive in this rainy, yucky weather to the hospital. Praying that all goes smoothly there, and for a safe drive home. Love you guys!! Praising Him for not only the big things, but for the seemingly little things too. He is good!! <3

  3. Laurie June 9, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Praying and sending hugs.

    I loved the swings so much as a kid, my mom had to pry my hands loose to leave.

    Happy Birthday, Christopher!

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