11 Jun

My mom came to  sit with the girls during their transfusion.  It was a huge blessing for me!!!  I did a bunch of laundry and took the kids at home to the library which we used to do every week, usually every day before the girls arrival.  Since they have been home we have not been once.  Thank you Mom!!!

the girls have expanded their food choice!!! Zinnia told me, "mom, zinnia eat noodle AND ICECREAM!!! Everyone loves icecream!

The doctor agreed to hypertransfusing them right now.  I have a two week break from the hospital and at that time we will recheck their levels and probably transfuse.  I can’t imagine this ever becoming routine.  I get a pit in my stomach when I remember, this is never going away!  This is what they have to endure for life, what we have to adjust to as a very busy family.  For us, right now, this is anything but routine!  Their weak little bodies, their swollen bellies, their medication, they way they struggle to keep up with Mimi physically, are all just a few of the many reminders that they have a serious medical condition, one that was NOT properly handled for the first 6 years of their lives.  The doctor said that Zinnia’s spleen is most likely needing to come out.  It is larger then Lainee’s and Zinnia’s levels fall faster, we will pray and take this seriously, getting a second opinion in the city when we go for an appointment June 30th.

Mom taught the girls to knit, all the girls.  I was skeptical, I learned when I was in 5th grade, very doubtful that 6 and 7 year olds (who don’t know English) could pick it up.  But…

nana and mimi learning to knit


They did!  They all did.

They can’t stop!

Today the girls had their violin recital.  I am so glad to take a break from violin, although we will do a few summer lessons.  They did great and Lainee and Zinnia are excited to start up in the fall!mimigigi


One Response to “needles!”

  1. Lynne June 12, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    Sending prayers across the miles to you and your family. I cannot imagine the pain of watching your two little treasures going through what they have to, over and over again. All of you are always in my prayers. Holding you closely to my heart. Our God is able.

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