camp champ

14 Jun

I’m so thankful!

One of my kids can’t ever get a break!  Well actually he’s the one who always has breaks (as in bones!).  You know what I mean.

Our children are actually God’s children before they are our children, aren’t they.

He knows them better then we do.

He made them.

He sees the big picture of their life when we can’t.

HE is using it all as part of their journey.

This kid is special and needed a boost, I thought.

God boosted him yesterday and today.

Awards at basket ball camp.

The "camp champ" and my champ!

The "camp champ" and my champ!

Thank you,Lord.

Very special friends from out of state visited today.  She asked me right away, “so are the girls really doing as well as you say they are on your blog?”

YUP, they are!  (For any others who are really wondering. )

Adopting older children has been so so so so fun for us all.  I just want to encourage others to do it!

My friend is a seasoned believer.  Her faith is so strong and it brought me such peace today.

I’m reminded that we really can’t worry about tomorrow, we might not even have tomorrow.

I’m reminded that God is sovereign and will lead and direct as we wait for the answer.

He will answer, if even at the last minute.

He desires us to desire nothing but HIMSELF.



I want nothing else but a deeper walk with Him.

Every other blessing is just a cherry on top.

This friend has a little girl with downs syndrome who has always made my heart skip a beat.

friends across the miles!

She is a miracle and watching her older kids interact with their special little sissy melts my heart.

I could adopt down’s syndrome.  I think.

Have you ever been on the website Reece’s Rainbow?

I frequent it often, to pray for the little faces as I fall asleep.

These are very special people.  Have you ever thought about adopting one?

There are so many that need families.

I want to be open to it.

It’s such a risk in my mind.  However…

I want to leave that door open.

To CHOOSE a child with downs syndrome when many others give them up, looked at as not “normal” not “perfect”.

I think that if we as believers step up and adopt these little ones, show others how valued their life is, it could make a difference in the lives of many.

I don’t ever want to say “never” because something seems too risky.

Prayer is vital in all things.

For those who ask after our girls…

Zinnia got 4 cavities taken care of today, no medication!  no shots!  and guess what?  the doctor said, “she is crazy good!”  and I said, “I know, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s asleep.”  He looked under her sunglasses and we giggled!  She was OUT!

On the way home she said, “mom!  big boy clean zinnia teeth zinnia sleep!”   “Yup!  You sure did!  A big boy is a MAN, Zinnie,a DOCTOR, a DENTIST”.   The learning never ends.  They are doing great! They have been home 2 months now and it finally feels “normal” this week.  The three little ones have played together all day everyday since mimi’s kindergarten ended.  They are having fun and really enjoying one another.  the fact that they understand english has really helped, and a LOT of prayer.  This is God’s grace to me.

all my little beans playing in the basement (this is wonderful OT)!



3 Responses to “camp champ”

  1. Kippi Nelson June 15, 2011 at 7:11 am #

    Laura, once again you have encouraged and challenged me. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing what God is teaching you.

  2. Jo June 16, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

    My heart is often consumed with the beautiful children on Reece’s Rainbow. So many that I’ve made donations to and followed their journeys to a Forever Family. I have photos of quite a few on my fridge. They always make me smile. Your heart is in the right place! Just from reading your blog, it’s plain to see that a child with DS would thrive. With the amazing love I see both You and your children pouring out on your two newbies, that child would be so Blessed! And, I’d/I’ll help! Hugs to All ~ Jo

  3. Mary Carlson June 18, 2011 at 9:34 am #

    Yay Noah!! I won’t forget they way Noah use to watch over Annika when she was in her car seat on the floor (as we talked:) or how gentle and caring he was to her if she was playing around. Such a sweet gentle soul!!!

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