26 Jun

naoh loves to skim board. he's really good at it.

went to the ear doctor this week, praying that the holes in his ears had healed. one ear is, the other has a small whole still, may need surgery in a month if it doesn't heal. praying and trusting with Noah that God orders every little part of our lives.

I love to see the kids being busy and creative outside

jonah digs..

jonah has been a digger since his diaper days!

We had to head home so the girls could have their 2 days at the hospital.  This was the first time that I saw any disappointment from the girls.  Normally they love to go to the hospital.  This time, leaving the beach behind was a bummer.

God confirmed for us the need for a second opinion.  We have had an appointment at “the real Children’s memorial” for a couple months, June 30.  We will head down for that this thursday.  The appointments and transfusions are getting a little old, I’m anxious to get on some sort of regular schedule once we figure out how their levels fall.  It is  so amazing to all how similar they are, falling at the same numbers, both mostlikely needing spleens out by the end of the year.  God knew when he created these little sweeties that they would need each other for this journey called life.  I’m so very clearly reminded at this season of my life that EVERYTHING here is temporary.  We await a forever home with our loving Father in Heaven, that is our glorious, wonderful, eternal life, free of any worries or tears.

zinnia is so happy. she set up a little kitchen, so creative.

noodles, strawberries and chocolate...boy did I eat a lot of chocolate noodles that day!

mimi, when she get into a book, she GETS INTO A BOOK!!!! hard to get her out.


christopher finished summer classes with an A!  He’s transitioning from homeschool to high school beautifully, very ready and excited.  He’s glad it’s over and we are too.  Monday he and jonah start up tennis.

I am so very excited about all God is doing in the lives of families stepping up to adopt!  My friend Sasha and I started up an adoption support group.  One couple said their family was complete, “we aren’t adopting again.”   He he!  They just announced that they are adopting a little 5.5 year old Chinese girl!!!!  They are in for a HUGE treat.  At times I want to just want to shout it out:  Older child adoption is a blast!  Such a blessing for our family.

The girls are ONLY speaking english now.  I have asked a few times how to say something in Chinese and a couple of times they have said, “OH!  I don’t remember!!!”  I video them often, asking them to talk in chinese, but it doesn’t happen.

Thanks for your prayers and emails.  I’m so thankful for you.

Loving Him and longing for wholeness only He can bestow,



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  1. Lynne June 26, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    Oh my goodness – be still my heart! Love the pictures of your children – being kids, at the beach. My favorite place in the world. And – the video, oh my gooodness…….I could just eat them up. I love how they are snacking and singing at the same, just too cute for words. My prayers for you as you travel for a second opinion this week. We know our God is able. Love your beautiful family. :))

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