show hope

2 Jul


Check out what’s happening at SHOW HOPE these days.  This taken from  Mary Beth’s blog:

Hey everyone – I want share wonderful news happening at Show Hope and I’m so excited to share it with you! An anonymous donor has agreed to give Show Hope up to $20,000, but we need YOUR help! For every 5,000 new “Likes” on the Show Hope Facebook page, $5,000 will be donated to Show Hope…up to $20,000 through July 31st. This is amazing!

The money that Show Hope receives from this effort will help bring orphans into families through adoption aid grants and will help provide specialized care for orphans with special needs through Show Hope Special Care Centers, such as Maria’s Big House of Hope.

I cannot say enough how thrilled all of us at Show Hope are about this opportunity, and we can’t wait to SEE how you will engage your friends in orphan care through sharing about and “liking” Show Hope. Be sure to visit the Facebook page often too because over the next month, more pictures will be posted, as will status updates and blogs to help new followers learn more about Show Hope. All of this energy will help current followers redouble their efforts to care for orphans too.

I am asking for your help to spread the word with everyone you know..and then they can share it with everyone they know. You get the idea! Show Hope is depending on YOU to help, so share this post through Facebook, Twitter, talk to your family and friends, be creative, and have fun!

Visit Show Hope on Facebook at and be sure to also visit for even more information. Now go and spread the news!


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