7 Jul

boy am I starting to get frustrated!  I can’t figure out how to link things on my side bar from other friend’s blogs….

and, I don’t have uninterupted time to really figure it out.  So, be watching for more info on my side bar…someday.

nana and grandpa visited us via their boat, uncle john bringing the littles out the the boat for a ride.

The girls are great.  We had a wonder FULL Fourth of July weekend.

mimi asleep on the beach, fourth of july day. "too much!"

LOTS of beach, family, seadoos, tubing, kayaks and food.  It was such fun.

Our kids were exhausted by the “real” fourth of July

exhausted, sleeping Christopher. I have photos of the aunts and uncles sleeping just like this, all lined up while nana and grandpa took all the kids on the boat....but I would probably get in trouble for posting it ;)

and so we actually ended up in bed early that night because Christopher and Jonah had 8:00 am tennis matches the next morning.  This means that all 7 had to be out the door by 7:15am.  Boys were at 2 different locations so I’m so thankful Chris was with me that day.

jonah warming up

Christopher and Jonah both did great.  It was so fun to watch them.

Christopher's shoes after day one of tourny, went right through sox as well. I said, "what!!!! why didn't you tell me you needed new shoes????" He replied with a smile, "I did mom, last week." Oh man, missed that one!

Tennis matches are NOT the place for little Chinese sisters, especially if one of them has hearing loss and talks loudly :)  Wonder-Nana came to the rescue and had the girls for day two of the tourny.  Thanks Mom!

sweetie gigi at yet another one of bro's matches

The girls are no longer speaking Chinese.  This happened 3 weeks ago.  It’s so funny to me that even when they play together they use their broken, limited vocabulary English to communicate.  I’m thinking, “golly, just use Chinese, girls!”  But, at the same time, it’s so so so much nicer that they can speak English now and communicate.

this always makes my dad and I smile- memories of my childhood and early teens, on the boat alone with my dad

Chris took Christopher out to get new shoes.  When he came home he told me he had purchased something just for me!!!  I asked right away…CLOTHES????  Those of you who read regularly know what I’m talking about!!!  My heart beat faster when he said yes!  This





are you smiling?

I am.



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  1. Sonia July 7, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    Ok first of all, LOVE the shirt! Secondly, what up with that broken English thing??! The boys do that too! Isn’t that weird? It seems logically so much easier and smoother if they would just speak in Mandarin to one another like they did when they got home. So strange that their brains kinda flip a switch right at the same point….and that it happens with both of them. There isn’t one speaking Mandarin and one English, it was a simultaneous switch. It will be interesting to see how much Mandarin comes back into everyday conversation once Joshua arrives. Thirdly, I again can’t tell you how much our family appreciates yours. ;)

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