11 Jul

We had a pretty fierce storm here today.

We ended up heading over to my parents house help them drag away a huge tree that had fallen in their yard.

Our whole family got dirty and worked fast for about an hour.

Trees were down all over town.

While we worked Zinnia said, “MOM! Jesus Bible say help people, we help Nana Grandpa!”

It was precious.

Thank you, Lord for the chance to show her last night’s Bible reading lived out.

Zinnia worked hard picking up little sticks and using a little wheel barrel.

On our way back to the beach house my mom called my cell phone telling me that the waves where huge, that there were rip tides, dangerous, to stay out of the water tonight.

what a beautiful night

When I hung up everyone in the van wanted to know what they was all about.

When I told them about the waves

Cheers resounded.  I knew they would be dying to get home and down to the beach.

I was too!  We pushed bed time back and had to hit the water instead.

We had a blast and Chris took good photos.mimi and zinnie

Zinnia and mimi were especially cute holding hands.

zinnia is so happy in the water.

It’s hard to believe her first time in a bath tub and pool was 3 months ago.

here's Lainee Grace as she came upstairs to tell me she was ready for the beach. She is just a hoot. She adds so much laughter and joy to our familiy.

Sorry mom,

we did wear life jackets :)  It was getting worse by the minute, big and wild, crazy.

When we prayed tonight Zinnia said, “thank you jesus big wave push me tonight!  Thank you Jesus my Christopher help me.  Thank you my Jesus help Lainee itchy”.  Lainee does have horrible eczema.  These girls are so special.

Girls are ready for blood,

heading back home for several appointments, including Lainee’s first step of dental work, her two front top teeth need to be pulled because of infection along with several other cavities.

Blessings to you all!




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