one day at a time with Jesus

12 Jul

oh my dear blog friends with such lovely lovely hearts each!

i wish you could see and read

and know

all the comments I received concerning

my post called “loving the one that’s mine”.

I wish you could know all the hearts that were shared with me,

emails replying with a similar thread to all of them.

“I’m having a hard time loving one of my kids and I haven’t told anyone!” (bio. and adopted babes alike!!)

Well, now you have.  Several of you told me!

Know tonight you are not alone.

I wish we could all gather tonight and pray for each other and encourage one another.

As I’ve prayed for you and thought about this through out the day I’ve come to realize

that the enemy really does not want us to share this with anyone, does he.

He would rather it be held inside and magnified to be our life’s biggest struggle,

don’t you think?

Better for him if we magnified anything, anyone, any struggle

ANYTHING, but Christ.

He wants us distracted from a life of joy in Christ by means of this difficult child,

not sharpened and brought to maturity like Christ would intend.


Let my joy be found in you alone, not the current status of my difficult child

Let my day be “good” because I’ve trained them in gentleness and righteousness,

not because the difficult one didn’t annoy me as much.

Help me to magnify and dwell my thoughts on you.

more then how to deal with the difficult one.

Also, Lord, erase any negative effects I’ve had on my children today.

In Jesus’ name I pray amen

I’m humbled that so many shared their hearts with me, it was an encouragement and I thank you.

One day at a time, holding Jesus’ hand and remembering one day we will stand with Him in eternal bliss!


making it work... older kids inside cleaning, mom packing up to head home for blood and appointments, some folding laundry, littles need to be occupied, in the hot tub with life jackets! Perfect! Outside, relaxed.


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