16 Jul

we head back up to the beach house tomorrow.  the boys have another week of tennis that starts monday.

Chris decided to take us all  out to eat tonight as a family to one of our favorite restaurants.  As we were walking in I said, “wait!  photo opp!  we all look so nice!”

during dinner I sat next to Lainee and she opened up suddenly about her foster mama and baba’s house in China.

she described their house, “so dirty, little, somebody color all over the wall”

she calls them “long gang mama and baba’s house”.  I don’t think she was there for very long, maybe a year and them her last 3 months were back at her orphanage.

she told me that mama and baba never hugged her, never kissed her.  She said, “only my mommy and daddy Jones kiss Lainee, only my mommy and daddy hug Lainee.”

I said, “oh, Lainee, I’m so sorry, we came as soon as we could!  I will be hugging you and kissing you forever!  Did anyone in China ever say, “Wa I Nee” (I love you)?  She said, “To Lainee?  NO!  NO wa i nee Lainee, only my mommy and daddy.”

Oh my heart.  It was good for me to hear her little words.

Today she seemed clingy, during our out to eat she wanted to be right next to me, hugging, cuddling.

My heart breaks.

Even as I type I’m tearing up.

My little baby.

She is loving the loving.  I have no other words to describe them.

They are LOVING being LOVED!  They can’t get enough of it.

Their little faces beam when I pause, take a few seconds and hold their little faces in my hands and say in words they understand,


They are doing so well.

so am I.

Our waiter tonight was a very sweet young guy.  He was very interested in our family.  He listen intently as Chris told of the girls home coming only a few months ago.

He said, “oh, so you guys are like, taking care of them for a while or something?”  No, they are ours!  “OH!  WOW! you ADOPTED these girls?????”

ok. mimi went for a bang cut today. UGH! I wanted to cry. They nearly to her skull! she's still beautiful to me.

It was foreign to him and I think it is to several people.

He came back to the table with 2 plates full of lemon cookies and pink candles and smiled at my new little girls as they smiled back.

“Welcome to America girls”.

It was great.

gigi's first sleep over, girls in the basement

so glad I got this photo. All three were having a blast. It's hot at home, we miss the lake breeze!

boys and some friends set up camp in the back yard, I woke up with 5 boys inside on the play room floor! It was too hot.

the next morning, getting motivated to clean up! :)


2 Responses to “”

  1. Lynne July 16, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    I’m in tears for the years your precious littles were not loved – and in tears of joy…….because they are so loved now – Forever Loved……….Home and Happy. I love all of the pictures – and how fabulous to have a very special picture of all of you together…it’s just beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. Hey – looks like maybe you ate at Maggiano’s, one of my favorite places when I visit my son in Colorado Springs. YUM !! I hope you all have a great week. :)

  2. Laurel S. July 17, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    I’ve been at Lake Erie this week, and am catching up with the Jones. Crying tears of happiness at the way God works in your lives.

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