22 Jul


she was our “add on”

she was the “other little girl”

that I



get off my mind

zinnia in her video

Her write up was terrifying.

It seemed like she was a little worse off health wise.

She was described  with words that I would NEVER want to describe a child that lived under the same roof as me.

We got up the nerve.  I remember exactly where I was sitting when I called and asked, “I can’t stop thinking about the other little girl with thal. beta.  I know this sounds crazy…but, would it be possible to adopt her too?”

No. Not possible.

Whew.  At least I asked.  God had closed the door.

3 weeks later,

I remember exactly where I was.

“Hello, Laura.  We called China in the middle of the night.  Told them about your family.  They will approve you taking BOTH girls.  Let us know Monday.”


She sent me a video of this “other girl”.

Our family gathered around.

She was being interviewed.  I cried.  I didn’t cry with Lainee’s interview video.  I don’t know why.

With the new girl’s video,



Scared, sad, quiet, awkward.

our first moments with our girls

It ended and I said,

“Chris I just think flower when I look at her.”

Daisy-we know a dog daisy.

Lily- another dog lily.


It just fit her immediately.

We chose JOY as her middle name.  It seemed like a stretch.

JOY didn’t fit her description,

her condition,

her video.


as I prayed for our daughter, Zinnia Joy, over the next 8 months, while oceans separated us, I prayed in faith that JOY would one day fit her.  That she would blossom and bloom into the joyful, beautiful planting that the LORD had created her to be.

Not many of you KNOW my Zinnia.

She has had concentrated time with her new family these early months.

If you knew her you would love her.

She is JOY

She is hugs, big hugs.

She is life


When you watch our Zinnia your heart melts.



She loves her family, her Jesus.

Bare foot is what she likes best.

scooters, swimming, jumping off docks, big waves, running.

She is so determined to water ski.  Yesterday she tried, and then cheered and clapped as she stood and watched her little sister, Mimi, get up on waterskis for the 1st time.

My heart melts when I watch my Chris hug little Zinnia.  He told me yesterday, “Zinnia is AWESOME.”

“God has done GREAT things for us and we are filled with praise.”

Please know God as gracious and merciful.

I do today as I watch my Zinnia live life so full.

And yet my stomach does a flip when I remember:

We could have missed all this.


3 Responses to “”

  1. sasha July 22, 2011 at 8:57 am #

    i am grateful to be a witness of your beautiful growing family. Amazing!! So thankful for you all!!

  2. Lynne July 22, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    Laura – Thanks so much for sharing your deepest thoughts with us. Your stories are so wonderful. Your precious Zinnia truly is a beautiful little flower – and she has blossomed and grown so much, as had Lainee. It’s so much fun to see your pictures, and travel on your journey with your beautiful family. You are such a blessing. xoxoxo

  3. Missy Kenny Corron July 27, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    Laura – My little girl (Long Fu Jiao) was with Zinnia in China… a lot. She misses her so much… our little girl has come SO FAR in the 6 months we have been home.. it is truly miraculous.. to see these little people who have to go through so much and to come out so loving and accepting.

    I am thrilled to see another one of Fu Jiao’s friends in such a loving home… let me know if you would like the girls to chat…


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