26 Jul

I started a new book/Bible study on my own that a friend recommended.

It’s called, “Our Covenant God” by Kay Arthur.

I have really enjoyed it so far, and learned more about our Huge Loving God.

It makes me want to teach these truths to my kids, these insights into COVENANT. I’m thinking about taking notes on the study and trying to put it in a kid’s friendly study to do with the middle kids that will be home for school.

I HIGHLY recommend it.

And again, the significance of BLOOD.

One day my girls will be amazed and have a good grasp on the beauty and importance of BLOOD.

I hover over their little bodies to pray and kiss and hug them good night.

I try to always say, “when you are good mommy loves you…” (hang with me here) and we smile and hug deep.

Then I change my voice so they can understand better…”when.you.are.NOT.good…..mommy…..”  and we say loudly together the 3 of us, “LOVES YOU!!!! always, always always, good and bad and nice and not nice, mommy always LOVE you!!!!!”

They hug me and say thank you.

I’m not kidding.

They are so thrilled about it every time.

yesterday zinnia said, “mom, zinnia I so good today, I zinnia help mommy, I zinnia no fight, I zinnia nice everybody.  Mommy very very love Zinnia today?” “no Zinnia.  Mommy loves you very very much all the days.  good days, bad days…etc.”

She genuinely jumped up and down and squeezed my legs huge….”So good!  Thank you mommy”.

And I tell them about their God, Their Jesus, their maker who loves them




I feel the importance of my love and response to them during these early months together.

It is so important right now.

They need to establish and understand that I will provide all they need,  unconditional love included!

I want them to grasp His love, I want to be an example of that, with God’s grace and help.

The Kay Arthur book I mentioned is a great study to help me know His great love for me.

They ask me frequently

“if when so and so (a family member) was little did they have to go get blood when they were little?”

and they also ask VERY often about random people we see or greet, “that one have mommy-daddy?” wondering if they are part of a family, even if that person is an adult.

They are amazing.

They are learning and processing so much right now.

I am too.

Enjoying every minute with these 7 from Heaven,


christopher wake boarding


miss gigi

the funky feathers gigi picked out for finishing some books ( i put them in myself!)

lainee grace. oh oh oh Cuteness overload! sorry, i just couldn't resist!


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  1. Carolyn Litfin July 26, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    That study sounds wonderful. I have been interested in “covenant” and started tracing it through the Bible a couple of months back. I went through Genesis and Exodus underlining every mention and looking at the different ones (Noah’s, Mosaic, etc.), and was also fascinated by the blood. I took a break after Exodus and went to Hebrews to look more at the new covenant. It has been interesting, but the book sounds great to get info from someone who knows more! Would LOVE for you to hear a sermon that Rod van Solkema gave at camp last week on when God cut covenant with Abraham – absolutely fascinating. You would just LOVE it. Must tell you about it. Love your blog, and miss you! Looks like you all are having fun!

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