24 Aug

Father God,

Do immeasurably more in my children’s lives than all we could ever ask or imagine, according to your power that is at work within them.  Glorify yourself through their lives, and for generations to come. (Ephesians 3:20-21)

Lainee and Zinnia insisted on picking a flower for their teacher.

I had never thought of that.

They were excited, nervous.

1st day school. zinnie,2nd grade mimi and lainee 1st grade

I was too.

They did fine, a 1/2 day.

Funky when they came home, an “Off” afternoon.

I had grace, knowing that I cannot begin to understand what they have gone through in the last 5 months.

I remember where they have come from,

and it greatly stirs my compassion toward them.

these lovely little girls, not perfect, but fragile especially on days like today, big changes.

Lainee came out of school and her face had a look of terror when she spotted me.

me in my  yellow rain coat.

she did not run out and hug like i expected.


“Mommy, I lainee so scary you. so scary you my Longgang mama(foster mom) No more yellow jacket, mommy.  NO MORE!!!!!!!”

And those were her very first words to me this morning.

“mommy, I no like yellow jacket like longgang mama.  I so scary she come get me.”

It’s still there,

that fear that seems to be gone.

she’s been under my wing, all day, everyday for exactly 5 months.

i have never left her somewhere and told her I would be back to pick her up.

did she wonder all day at school who would really come get her, even thought I told her over and over I’d be there?

getting rid of the coat for now.

my poor little babe.

“Father let my children TRUST in YOU with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding.”

My Christopher’s life has had quite a change

it’s good He’s enjoying school and has good friends

The homeschool kids and I are on going to start school after labor day.

Life is so full isn’t it?

Before you look at these next photos, I will tell you that is is NORMAL for me.

These were all taken within 20 minutes,

they are all “real”

messy, LOVELY, life for us, right now


my laundry room

Even when you try to make things simple, it’s full and deep and rich and busy.

what i found after i asked the 3 little girls to clean up their bathroom, SIDETRACKED MAJOR!

He’s refining me.

what i found on our baby grand piano

This “stuff” of life is what God is using to show me that I cannot do it without Him.

aren't the new shutters great? oh wait can you see what I saw?

(new shutters, take a look, now, see what I found?

Look closer

can you tell yet?

can anyone guess what that is?

did anyone guess…

bloody booger?

if you did, you were right!


REALLY? You have got to be kidding me!

At least they fessed up.

“I couldn’t find a kleenex”.

WHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT? my darling child??????

OH MY WORD! (no it was not lainee or Zinnia!)

Check this out,

see it, behind the frames in storage?

what do think that is?

got it now?

yup, a flour tortilla, just not wanted anymore, I guess.

I bet your are wondering how long that has been there…

I was too

so i picked it up

It felt like a pile of tortilla chips, that’s how old.

It is only because of God that I can do what I do and be joyful.

It’s hard to choose the “hard road”

to see life from His perspective

I HAVE to have His perspective

to remember why i’m doing what i’m doing

Little hearts entrusted to me, for this short, itty, bitty road called LIFE

This is not our home, our true home is in glory with our Jesus.

hard~good, a deeper good then outside happy-comfort

At times I forget that that is what he calls us to.  Not comfort, not ease,

but dying to ourselves, being like Christ and choosing the cross.

Life is messy, funky, raw, fleshy

it’s the gospel in action.

sinners needing grace, needing Christ

Be faithful today with the job He’s given you.

that’s what he’s asking of me today, be

faithful and take one moment at a time.



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  1. KT August 25, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    Your girls look beautiful as they head off to school. As I was reading, my daughter came in and I showed her all the pictures. She was particularly impressed with your sons jumping off the pier into the water and the wake boarding videos.

    I’d love to email and/or phone you. I’m particularly interested in asking you more on how you had Lainee’s teeth done. My daughter needs extensive work, too, but it shows. Lainess’s teeth all looked white in her before pictures, my daughter’s teeth are mostly black holes in her mouth with some roots poking out here and there.

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