28 Aug

so the weekend…

anything but restful.

we ended up working around the house and yard

my garage is the stupidest thing ever made.

if this house can hold my family of 9

our garage was made for a couple and their only child!

i organized and organized

my closet

my kitchen cupboards

the shedds out back

my pantry

my mudroom

we are lookin’ good and feeling better!

our kids helped.

they are great helpers

and out of the 7 i only have 2 complainer-types

so, i’m not complaining.

NO, it’s not lainee, or zinnia.

It was a training weekend as well.

my middle kids are good at helping but have yet to learn the careful art of

putting things away neatly.

i think i’ve been so happy that they are helpful

that i haven’t instilled in them the importance of ORDERLINESS.

the olders get it,

the middles don’t,

the littles will learn it after hearing my patient lecture yesterday.

for example:

all 13 different kinds of cups/glasses/mugs just crammed in the cup cupboard.

the little red robin cups as a surprise for me when I grab my massive starbucks tumbler

get this:

we made the big family target trip and every one was

oh so very helpful in putting away our purchases once home

stashing toilet paper there

tooth paste here etc.

so so so so so so so so many “helpers”!

later i could not find about 6 things that i remember seeing go on the belt of the checkout line.

I thought I had asked everyone “have you seen the….”

I guess not.

We got out the receipt and sure enough, I did pay for the stuff,

just didn’t have it.

Chris sweetly called the target customer service explaining that

dispite the fact that we had so many “helpers” we seem to have left some bags behind…


target lady did not have the goods

then as a couple of children sauntered through the kitchen and wondered what’s up…

they proceed to show me where they put away or rather stashed the items I had thought were missing.

you know, big brother’s Axe hair gel on the cereal shelf, school glue and honey kind of go together

don’t they?

As I was organizing our flatware drawer I decided to pull out all of the baby spoons and baby forks that I have accumulated over the last 14 years.

As I placed them all into a little ziplock bag to store away  then I noticed

three little spoons that were alike.

I had grabbed these three very quickly one day in China, 6 years ago next month.

we were at a huge walmart type store and I was frantically grabbing for trinkets to bring home

something to show mimi when she was older,

stuff from china.

i saw some cute little spoons and i grabbed several of each size.

these three are the littlest.

With no thought I had grabbed these 3 little spoons 6 years ago.

Not knowing that when I left China the next day, with my new little 8 month old baby girl, mimi

i was also leaving

my two other daughters

her sisters,

leaving them behind, in china

at that time they were 12 months and 18 months,

at an orphanage only a short bus ride from the “walmart” I stood in, holding the little spoons.

having no idea that i would ever be back.

and certainly not knowing that they were alive and waiting

waiting for God to put us together.

oh my heart.

These three little spoons will be put in

the 3 “china stuff” boxes that hold special things for my girls.

one for each.

God must have smiled as I said,

“good bye China!” 6 years ago

Thankful for the way that He took  care of us all these last 6 years before becoming what we are today.

a family of 9

life is so interesting.

so unpredictable.

change-able, exciting, new

just the way I like it

“All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful” psalm 25

Press on my friends. moment by moment with Jesus.






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  1. Laurie August 31, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    Love the Jones clan!
    I keep thinking I should stop by and cart off a couple loads of laundry to do for you at home. Would that be helpful, or cause you more work?

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