20 Sep

This one here

she sure is cute

most days she’s


She’s doing so well.

She amazes me.

Physically she’s not where the other 6.5 year olds are

but that’s okay with me

she’s got a learning heart and she’s as sweet as can be

she’s kind

she’s caring

those are the things that bless this momma’s heart


and you know that laugh

it’s the best!

most days when she comes home from school she sticks to my side.

Not really running around with neighbors or siblings

she’s happiest

following me around the house

riding with me when I drive a sibling to a practice

she’s my table setter

my dinner helper

she’s a pro now with

cuting fruits and veggies for the family

in fact,

here she is, right now by my side.

talking away…

so you’ve wondered where I’ve been?

I ben wit da lainee grace, dats where I ben!

she’s getting tubes in her ears soon

she’s joined our church’s children’s choir

singing at the top of her lungs around the house:



is that why she asked me if we do Sea Doos in heaven???

Mimi is our huge help in times like this.

Mimi translator to the rescue!

she informed us and big brother christopher guessed.

“come let us sing to the Lord”

Maybe tubes in those damaged eardrums will improve hearing???

We have gone 3 weeks without blood

I go in on Thursday for a hemoglobin check

Maybe blood on Friday,

Maybe not!!

Lovin’ every moment with my lainee,




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