25 Sep

we arrived in our Hunan hotel room at 11:30 pm, exhausted

I asked Chris about setting an alarm for us,

thinking that maybe we would actually sleep tonight.

He replied, “I bes I getter.” And I flopped on the bed and howled!

“You guess you better?????”

we were fried. tired.

chris, 6 years ago, journaling just moments before meeting mimi

I honestly kept thinking, “i can’t believe we are doing this!”

I had written the next morning that I felt strongly that God had created little Naomi Faith

for our family.

That He had an intense love for her

that he was rescuing her.

There was a little crib set up next to our bed.

When we first saw it my breath was taken away.

The room was wet feeling with humidity

dark and dirty looking

the view from our hotel window in Hunan

The little crib seemed so unworthy for such a special child of God.

I placed the pink blanket I had brought from home in the crib along with a little

stuffed animal Noah had asked me to give her.

I headed to bed and woke up in the middle of the night

and wrote down the words to the song by Kelly Jones

The words, “do not fear, do not fear…I will be with you.”

they literally woke me up.

I remember whispering the words,

“this is YOUR thing”

I nodded back to sleep and wrote this when I woke up again at 6:45am:

You delight in me.  You delight in showing me your loving kindness, your justice and righteousness here on earth!

Blow me away today please, Lord.  Inhabit me today. May your Holy Spirit so fill me that I spill you out on to others this day.

Touch Mimi as I hold her for the first time today. Build us up in you.

Deeper today.

Deeper, more and more. EVEN more of your characher.  I want to understand more and more.

I was holding back tears.

tears for my kids back at home. It brought me comfort each day to know that they were asleep.

tears over where we were

tears over the love of God.

I listened to Amy Grant singing


And I did just that.

I got on my pink t-shirt, something soft and lovely for the baby.

we turned out the light

and loaded on to the bus.

me on the bus, heading to meet mimi and to make her our forever daughter

I was going to meet Naomi Faith

and my life would never be the same.

Here is Chris 6 years ago (sorry, I feel like I need to add that so no one will scan through and think we are in China right now!) in the waiting room, where we would meet the babies.


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  1. Cara Sable Johnson October 14, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    We are also a Hunan family (home July 2009). It’s neat to see the exact same room again where so many kids were united with their families. So enjoy your blog!

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