3 Oct

I could probably just post pictures alone and you could figure out what’s been happenin’ around here

with us.

noah, checkin' out if Galileo was right...

I’ve really enjoyed having just my middle three home for school this year.

We get side tracked, but it’s still good

these three always have questions…I’m glad for the internet!

we took care of the crazy fruit fly infestation

gig and noah making fruit fly traps

 we brought the new girls along with us to work

for the homeless program in our town.

made beds and served and set up food for maybe 70 homeless that night.

the girls loved it and understood what we were doing

lainee and mimi working together to set up the pads for the homeless

zinnia, gigi, lainee and a friend rolling silver ware

noah helping pack the lunches that the guests take with them when they leave the next morning

the girls found a corner to color in after working, while the big kids served the food.

This is my friend’s little girl from China!  How totally cute is she!  She is getting a big sister, in December!!  From China!

I’m so excited for the girls to welcome her home.  She will be 5…we are all praying for Josie and EXCITED!  These are some friends in our adoption group that said last year, “we are done, no more adoptions!”  Hee Hee!  I love it.

Big kids waiting to serve the guests. A wonderful experience and way to serve as a family. talk about eye opening.

We also celebrated mimi’s gotcha day and didn’t get a chance to post pictures.

Her sisters were so excited to celebrate mimi.

They are her WORLD right now.

Her very best things.

we love you mimi!

surprise cupcakes after school for mimi's special day!

And I can’t forget to tell you about jonah…

before his bike ride to the orthodontist ( seriously, I had to be like 12 places at one time!!! I'm telliing you I cannot wait for these big kids to be able to drive!)

braces for #2

zinnia and her big brother noah

We headed to the beach house to put away all the summer junk, getting it ready for snow.  Lovely orchards, we picked 90 something

pound of apples…yum

Everything is fun with Lainee and Zinnia.

We ran down to look at the beach and how it’s changed since we were there last.

I will never forget Zinnia,

in all her JOY.

“I love you Jesus!!!!!  I love you , I love you , I love you!!!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!”

She loves to live

to be outside

to see animals, plants, birds.

LIVING LIFE IN A FAMILY- it’s a beautiful thing for Zinnia

and such a blessing for us


check out what we saw in the parking lot.




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  1. Selina October 4, 2011 at 6:41 am #


    I love the thought of serving at a homeless shelter! I think my littles are too “little” just yet, but soon, soon I want to do this! Maybe we can get a sitter at the holidays…hmmmm

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers on my blog. Life is VERY busy, sometimes very hard right now, and the support from my adoption buddies is the lifeline I need!

    Love to you!

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