14 Oct

Lainee and Zinnia have jumped right in and joined our church’s children’s choir.

They love it.

Their first performace was Sunday night.  Lainee fell asleep while the choir was being introduced.

It was missionary Christmas, that’s why there is a tree in the background.

good thing Zinnia is used to it.

She just nudges her and up she goes.

It is hilarious to me still.


I just teared up as they sang their little praises to God.

These girls have had quite a journey.

We are so blessed to have them in our family.

Here is Lainee at the hospital,

surgery went well.

still waiting for her voice to quiet down a bit…


Zinnia asked what a missionary was

“missionary, I don’t know missionary??”

When I told her she said,

“ok, mom all jones family go to china be missionary at long gang (orphanage) ok???  they don’t know about Jesus!!!!”

I mean you just want to abandon all and jump on a plane and do just that!

Lord, keep that passion in her alive.

I always want to remember last night at the counter:

Lainee came in and said,

“mom, can we please go to China and get another girl now??”

I told her


We will bring another one home, Lainee.

And Zinnia came in and said, “Let’s pray!”

Lainee said, ” I will”

“Dear God, help us bring someone home”

Oh my heart.

These girls are giving me perspective.

I cannot ever forget what they left behind.

the children in cribs,

the waving.

my little girls giggling and running out of the orphanage….

like two free little birds.

At times it’s just achey for my heart.



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  1. sasha October 15, 2011 at 5:57 am #

    So Adorable!! It was great to pray with you the other day!
    Exited to see the Lords plans unfold!!

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