19 Oct

my new girls started at a new school

they now go to the christian elementary school, where mimi goes.

it’s nice to have the little girls all in one place.

Let’s see…

They came home the second week of April.

By the second week of June I had stopped hearing any Chinese.

I couldn’t believe it.

Even as they played or talked to each other.

They struggled along with their little broken, very limited vocabulary.

It was so precious.

It was amazing.

So they started out the year at the public school for ELL

and they were able to transfer out this week.

It’s been another adjustment.

I was actually shocked at how their teachers at the old school reacted.

teacher tearsthn,


posters, pictures, cards.

It was so touching.

I know they left their little mark over there, at the school down the street.


I can tell that Zinnia is trying to adjust.

trying to figure out her deal,

separating herself from Mimi,

trying to find her own friends, etc.

This morning my heart felt heavy for her as I walked her into school.

She said, “Mimi today I play my own friends and you play your own friends, ok?”

And then there is Lainee, just loving any and everyone, happy and feeling so smart.

Yes, she’s 7 but because of her size and more she fits in perfectly in her kindergarten class.

Neither one has seemed to have a problem dropping down a grade.

They don’t really get it or feel bad.

I know they will feel so smart as the class moves more on their level.

I prayed this morning for God to help me, to help them gain security, friends, space from mimi etc.

It was a great afternoon.

Afterschool mimi went to a friends house and we had another friend come over and get to know Zinnia, a girl from her class.

Lainee is my side kick after school so  it was SO nice for Zinnia to establish a relationship with our mimi overpowering.

In other news,

gigi helping noah get geared up to tomato paste the dog

Dog got sprayed by a skunk.

So, once we got the 4 school kids out the door, the homeschool gang decided to clean her up!

the smell really was horrendous. thank you nOah!

Noah and gigi volunteered.gigi's "gloves" just cracked me up.

Jonah is very much driven and would rather finish school early and be free

then to take a “break” and wash the dog. (so smart!)

So she’s clean now!  

I’m looking forward to the girls being settled again into their new school

Zinnia is “off” to me.

She may need blood, I don’t know.  I do know that I cannot begin to comprehend all that they have been through.

I went  up to tuck them into bed and Zinnia just broke down,

sat down right on the bathroom floor and cried and cried, ANGRY!

I knew it wasn’t at me.  Just MAD

SAD  tired.

deep felt

I picked her up and rocked her for a few minutes and said, “zinnia, I want to help you!  I”m here to help you but I need to know why you are crying…are you mad?  are you sad?  tell me, talk to me.”

Then she said something I didn’t understand and wiped her tears and said, “mom, i need to go say sorry to my sister mimi, ok?”

She walked into mimi’s room, hugged her and said, “i’m so very sorry mimi will you forgive me?”

and mimi did and i wondered what went down but was too tired to get into it.

i thanked God for prodding her heart and giving me the patience and love to gently tend to her.

thankful for a little girl in Zinnia’s class who has taken her under her wing.  Praise God.

thankful for the opportunity to have the middle three home during the day, a chance to connect with them.

thankful that God uses the times in our kid’s lives when they are lonely or adjusting or whatever, to develop their own relationship with them, their own need and dependence on Jesus, their very best friend.

thankful my dog doesn’t stink.

thankful for Christopher, a great biggest brother, really he is.so excited for several people I know counting down the days until they travel to bring home their children- so so excited.

His faithfulness endures through all generations,



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