22 Oct

I’m so thankful for my friends

girls friends and church friends who have

supported me

encouraged me

been excited with me

prayed for me

our community has adopted these girls

I’m so thankful for all the love and welcoming showered on them!

thank you.

today we had a little friend over,

my three and her.

they had a ball. Zinnia had a hard time in the beginning,

wanting to figure out who’s friend she was

after we established that everyone was friends

it was bliss

they played school

and store

then later in the day a neighbor stopped by

she has fostered children through the years, and raised her own right along with them.

it’s so encouraging to see her.

she began fostering a little african american girl this week.

she’s actually in Lainee’s new kindergarten class.

so they are the new girls, together.

and they live so close.

it’s cool!

something zinnia and mimi made in first grade at school

I thought the little verse underneath was so sweet

Chris and I woke up early today.

I had my long list of things to do.

one was make cookies with the kids

Well, I got the dough all made with lainee and zinnia and then I left it,

forgot about it for hours!

we just rolled it into cookies, I think it’s fine

Lainee has never done anything like this before.

honestly, they ask everyday to make cookies with me.

Honestly, it feels good to mark that off my list

what a mess.


Well, Miss Zinnia had her first play-invite today!

I’m so thankful.

She has never been away from us, alone.

it’s so good for the three of them,

when they can break up for a couple of hours.

thank you God

Are you in the process of adopting?

I remember with all three of our adoptions

there were always , always times after commiting to them on paper

that we would feel

“cold feet”

all of them, equally.

With Lainee and Zinnia I was so concerned about their age,

behavior issues, attachment issues

health issues

what if we could never travel anywhere again because they are constantly in the hospital

(i know it’s not constantly but it feels like it!)

i was concerning about being trapped by their medical issues,

“held back” or something

Then I would remember that God has called us to this.

I would ask Him to confirm it,

to make me brave.

With adopting little infant mimi

i was convinced, in the middle of the night, that we were ruining our family

Lord have mercy on you if you are waiting…It’s horrible

It’s almost like you just have to shut off your mind

and jump, holding His hand and trusting.

Underlying it all is such a delight.

a deep joyful delight, knowing God deep.

I found this today, from my mimi

Dear Mom, Thank you for adopting me--love Mimi

she’s really been insecure lately.

One night she cried out and did n’t want to tell me what she was crying about

finally it came out.

“I’m afraid that someday you will have another family adopt me”


She was adopted when she was 8 months old!

Doesn’t she know she’s in this family like the rest of us?

But no. There are little thoughts and feelings that we cannot begin to imagine or identify with.

Hidden fears, deep in there.

She’s seen her family pray about adopting, seen us adopt, so she’s thinking of it, I’m sure

I’ve prayed to see it all,

so I was so thankful that it came out.

she asked if anyone could ever come and get her, to take her away from us.

I said no! She said, ” do you have papers or something?”

Ugh. MY heart!!! I hated


at that moment

hated that hole in her heart

I did.

But I know it’s God’s good will for her journey

not a mess to Him, not a mistake we need to fix or forget.

part of her chosen journey

But,at that moment it made me hate it for her, for them.

I hated the word. I just wanted her to know that she’s JONES!

Oh these little lambs.

But then, I looked at her and smiled, and said,

“Didn’t you know that I’m adopted too?”


“yes! I am. I’ve been adopted by God, to be in His family as His child, and so have you”

We are both adopted!

and we will get to spend the rest of our lives together, forever,

even in HEAVEN!

That’s all that matters, Mimi


even when you are a stinker!

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to adopt someone.

I would encourage you to think and pray about it,seriously.

You may not just be rescuing them,

giving them a family

giving them Jesus

you may be

rescuing your self (from your self)

giving your self family

giving yourself Jesus

It’s something I can promise you, you will never regret.

Is that really bold of me?


It’s so raw on my heart


my little mimi when she was 4



3 Responses to “”

  1. Jo October 22, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    I have a tender feeling in my heart tonight, from reading this post. Feeling Your love, for your daughter. For each of your children. Bless Mimi’s heart! I’ll pray for her to feel secure in her place in the Jones Family. You have such a variety of young lives, each with their own needs and emotions. It’s a big job for a Momma, to meet the needs of each Precious child. You do your job well, Laura. Give the kids a hug for me! ~ Jo

  2. Kirstin Lindquist October 22, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    Laura, thank you for sharing your heart. It is such an encouragement as we wait to bring out little one home. I’ve seen that “hole” in our Annika too and know God is in it all, despite the pain.
    Kirstin (Micah’s sister-in-law)

  3. Helen Stark October 24, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Oh, Laura, once again my heart is filled with joy and delight as I read about your children whom our Lord has brought to your loving home. I absolutely love your honesty – you are a breath of fresh air! Each of your children (yes, all seven!!) are a blessing to all who are privileged to read your story.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for blessing my life in so many ways! To God be the glory!!

    In His Great Love, Helen Stark

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