6 Nov

the guys are clear.

and that’s all i’m gonna say about that!

I’ve got a full heart today.  Our church is recognizing orphan Sunday today.

I’m just pondering these girls, all three.

I cannot express the joy they bring to us.

last night we enjoyed the last few hours of girl-time before the guys arrived home.

played at a park, ate dinner at Noodles and Co. for the first and NOT last time, we showered and snuggled up to watch a fantastic movie.

Wow.  Have you seen The Little Princess?  It’s great.  I was in bliss, cherishing every moment with my for girls.

They understood all the English.

And I was in tears over little Zinnia.

Her heart is so special, what an amazing child God has entrusted to me.

I guess when you adopt an older spirit and you see beauty in their character, Christ-likeness in their hearts, it’s different then seeing it in your bio. kids.  It just is, for me.  Not better, just different.

I give HIM all the glory for it.  When I see it in my children who I have raised from birth or an infant I don’t praise Him as I should.  Maybe I think I’ve done a good job parenting, or made the right education choices or picked the right programs, friends, etc.  on and on.  maybe.

With Zinnia, adopted at 7 years old from a State run orphanage, to see the beauty of Christ in her is a MIRACLE.  I can take no credit, no one can.

Jesus alone has TOUCHED,

touched, her heart.

zinnia, loves to sing in her choir at church, so eager and so happy


It’s a very very gorgeous thing.

She cares for the orphan, the poor, the hurting.

Empathy, Compassion.

From Him.


DOING SOMETHING!  Not just feeling the mercy, DOING

I see this in her, she wants to DO something.

In the movie we watched several of the girls have parents that have died.

She whispered in my ear, snuggled next to me, “so they don’t have mom and dad?”

“OH NO!!! Oh mom!!!!”

She said out loud, “OH MY JESUS!!!!  Thank you I have my mom and dad and Jones family!!!!  I love you Jesus!!!!”

Lainee  came to lay on me during the movie,

“MA? I have mom and dad forever so Ma?  MA, thank you.”

MY heart.  OH!

To always remember the hundreds of little faces we glanced as we toured their orphanage, the broken little bodies, hearts needing love and JESUS.  Help us NEVER for get LOrd!

Let me live today KNOWING This is NOT my HOME!

Let us PRESS on, giving over our dreams and comforts, to follow you, Jesus, following you to the


knowing you supernaturally give us the power to care for your little ones.

I could have MISSED this.

Thank you Jesus, what a blessing this is for us.

Press on my friends and enjoy this Lord’s day!

Loving Him, Laura


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