7 Nov


my new girls sure are s-l-o-w

i notice it everyday

It’s almost painful for me to watch Lainee eat.

Are you kidding me????

or to watch them try to get out of the van,

absolutely NO sense of urgency, ever!


we’re busy

we move at a fast pace

the day flies by

I hate to rush them but i am learning to gently spur them on.

let’s get these girls movin’!!!


I playfully shout out in a fake Tennessee accent,”all right ladies, let’s boogy!!!!!!”


(hello! that’s obvious!)

“YOu know, speedy, speedy…fast!”



it’s good for me, however,

their slowness.

I guess it brings out my impatience,

making me even more patient, if that makes sense.

seeing sin etc

It’s like a work out,  making me stronger in the patience department.

It’s so curious to me.

maybe they just have never been rushed along.

in the orphanage, it must have been boring, slow, no rush, moving slowly from thing to thing.

If I worked at an orphanage I wouldn’t rush the children, there would be no need!

It reminds me of when I had 4 little people, 4 and under.  we would walk to the park, SLOWLY stretching out the hours before dad would come home.  No need to rush, but rather stretch it out….coming back home, SLOWLY looking at each little leaf or worm along the way

trying to pass the time.


I know God’s using it,

He’s allowed it

their slowness.

Last night we pulled the van up to the tennis center.

Jonah was supposed to jump in the van and we would head to the night service at church like we do each Sunday.

We ended up getting to the tennis place a couple of minutes early, Jonah was a couple of minutes late…

in the time sandwiched between the two circumstances the wait felt LONG.

we had two friends in the van with our family, all 10 of us wondering


Christopher finally jumped out to head in and  find him,

soon after we watched as the 2 boys jogged out the the van

I said, “okay everybody, let’s give Jonah some grace, okay?  Don’t make him feel bad, just smile and say Hi”

most people in the van said, “we know mom!”

Jonah hops in the back of the van,

we smile and say hi

Lainee Grace (queen of doing EVERYTHING very slowly)

yells out (remember, her ears are bad so maybe she didn’t hear me, or maybe she doesn’t know the word GRACE!):

“JO JEE! (her little nickname for jonah)  YOU SO S-L-O-W!!!!”

Jonah shot back,

“takes one to know one.”

He is so clever,

you’d love to know him if you don’t

gentle Jonah, thrives being home for school, this is where he works!




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