19 Nov

November 19  Noah turned 11 today!

It was a great day. It kind of felt a little like Christmas,

He opened all his gifts in the morning.

Noah is a very special boy.

I’m so proud of who he is and who he is becoming.

He played in a basketball game in the evening and after and out-to-eat dinner

we headed to Wheaton College for the men’s bball game.

yes, all of us.

the girls were ready for bed by 7 but they managed just fine.

So we finally told the 3 little girls about our next adoption.

They are EXCITED!

I’m thinking it’s wonderful that they can see this side of adoption,

they prayers the excitement, just like we were for them.

beautiful for them to open their hearts to another one of God’s children.

I kind of prepared them the few days before.

I reminded them of our friends who were adopting boys from Ethiopia.

We looked at pictures of Nana in Africa and on the internet.

We talked about how many many orphans are in Africa.

Then, I told them about the other boys friend…

before I could get it out Zinnia said, “mom! we can do that!!! we can be a family for him!”

So, it was beautiful.

Lainee has made several little letter charts like this and tapes them around the house. When I asked her what it was she said, "it's for my new boy, luke, so he learn English. I teach him how." SWEETNESS!

Lainee was a little confused.  “Ma, he stay Jones house 1 night or 2?”

UM…..no, he will stay with us forever and be your brother!

She said, “like me and zinnia???” and once again I was reminded how “added on” they are and feel, at times.

That may never go away…it’s just part of it, I guess, but I hate that for them.  I wish I could have had them from birth.

But, this is God’s journey for them.

“LIKE ALL the Jones children, Lainee” and I named all 7.

Zinnia is growing and growing.  They both are.

We go days with no upsets then, WHAM!  I’m reminded of all the work they have ahead of them.

But, I’m not discouraged.  Just reminded.  Reminded of their past, their humanness and raw sin that they don’t know to hide.

does that make sense?

It’s just flesh and sin and it’s so…there, just fresh and ugly.

I actually LOVE to see it come up to the surface.

another opportunity to correct, to connect.

Parenting with these girls is often so backward then with the others.  I’m learning, so are they.

Lots of tears sometimes, but lots of love, hugs and very sweet redemption.

I’m so reminded of what I must look like to God…kicking and screaming and ugly wanting my own way.

Yet he doesn’t send me off to my room, I don’t send them off to their room, but Hug and kindly love and correct.

He’s good to me.

But it is tiring, sometimes.

So the word ADOPTION has finally been said with the girls.

“bringing Luke home is called adoption, we are adopting him….”


Zinnia said, “mom!!!  Why you jones family do this thing? Always do this?”  we smiled together and laughed about how she said it.

You just want to tickle her and reply in a mocking way, “why jones family do what, zinnie, go adopting?””  but I didn’t, she would be hurt.  I’m learning.

“Mom, you jones family so so so good?  why you so good?”

Jesus.  just jesus.

He alone has made this crazy adventure beautiful and good.

so good.

so wonderfully hard and rewarding and beautiful.

my jesus alone.

tonight at prayers Zinnia said, “my jesus, thank you my mommy and daddy adopt me and lainee and now thank you my jones family we adopt Luke.  thank you my NEW mommy and daddy.”

then she said, “mom, why there no moms and dads in China???”

I’m not sure what she wanted to know..

she said, “my china mom and dad dead so Longgang help me so I don’t die.”

Hum.  I really don’t have any idea what has happened to her birth parents.

I feel sick inside when I think of it.

All three of their mothers are in my heart.

Just deep in there in a strange kind of way, mournfully longingly.  I don’t know..

So, we close the day with halloween candy and a movie, now that the little ladies are down.

Celebrating Noah and all he represents in my life.

The details you may or may not know, through the years.




Self- control

Noah, you have made me Love God more.

Thank you, Lord for NOAH.

God has been so faithful

I want life to be  easy…but you know what is best for me.

You are best.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Carolyn November 20, 2011 at 1:13 pm #

    Just love precious Noah. Happy birthday to him and Jonah (late)!

  2. Claire Fischer November 20, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    WOW!!! Adopting again already!! How exciting!! :) I wil be praying!

  3. jean Mulvahill November 21, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Happy Birthday Noah!
    Great post and I am behind – you are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia?? Luke??

    Awesome and congratulations!!

    I am going to look back for the announcement!!

    God is so good!!

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