p.s. ethiopia

20 Nov

I forgot to tell you that our friend Mike and Sasha are in ethiopia RIGHT NOW!  we are so excited for them.  They won’t bring Joseph home but they are there for the first visit, court date.

They will actually get to hang out at the orphanage with the kids for 4 days!

My other friend Mary and her husband Dave travel on Tuesday, just missing Mike and Sasha.

I’ll be sending along a little photo album with Mary that she can give to the director (GABE) when he feels it’s right.

I’m so excited for these friends who have clearly heard the call and are pressing forward.

I’m dying to hear of their interactions with our Luke, to see photos of all the children, and to find out more about the other children in the home…

are they with an agency.

Several Wheaton people are wondering if more are adoptable!

I get excited about this…

follow Sasha at



Please pray for my friends.


One Response to “p.s. ethiopia”

  1. Carolyn November 20, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    This is all so exciting. This morning was beautiful! Such a joy to see the girls dedicated. They were precious up there. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Love, Carolyn

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