30 Nov

we had a great thanksgiving with Chris’ family.

the warm weather and being outside all day

it was wonderful.

chris’ parents are troupers!

22 people for the weekend, a long weekend!

Jonah is such a sweetie, creative, kind and gentle

Jonah turned 13 on thanksgiving day

zinnia is so good with little ones!

she and her cousin found some carrots left in grandpa and grandmas garden


more on that later and probably pics.

But, for now.

I am jumping out of my skin EXCITED for several families I know who are traveling right now.

In our adoption support group 2 families are traveling to china on the same day…

it’s really amazing, actually.

One family started their paper work over 5 years ago

the other family not even a year ago ( i think) then

after becoming friends, and supporting one another and all the prayers over the months and wham!

Same travel dates!

I told Chris yesterday that we HAD to go visit the families, so late at night, we jumped in the car and made our stops for hugs and prayers and excited talk.

Check out their blogs.


Also, David Platt (Radical) and his wife are in China adopting their little girl.


You should read his blog.

also those of you how have been with me for a while remember the little blind girl from the girls orphanage,

she is finally coming home to her family!!


And remember my blog friend that i ran into on the island in China? yes!  they are leaving now also, to get 2 more children


In other news:

Dave and Mary get home tonight!

We heard from Mike and Sasha that Luke is a gem.

It’s a blessing to bring him home to our family.  We all honestly consider this such a privilege.

Life is but a flash and I want to live it to the hilt, not missing anything he has for us.

If I think too long, I could talk myself out of another child, we are busy and it’s hard somedays.

I could think of a hundred reason why not to adopt again.

But we are pressing forward with joy and excitement knowing more and more every season

that this is not our eternal home, and that God is so sweet and faithful to us.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Jo November 30, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    I have missed you! I was praying for you & your family today, so I’m excited to read a new post. Laura, it’s so fun to see that we follow a lot of the same blogs! Often I’ll go to leave a comment and see that you’ve already left one before me. it always makes me smile. it’s cool how he brings His Kids together through blogs…people who would probably never cross paths in this world. Big Hugs to All of you! ~ Jo

    • nicole December 2, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

      all the reasons we try so hard not to listen to because there are still about 140 million reasons to. right? press on friend!

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