7 Dec

I had a heart to heart with  two late last night.

tears, prayers.

I have felt sad and discouraged about their relationship.

Having them home for school all day shows sin.

I see and hear it all.

It’s a good thing.

This morning I awoke praying for them, restoration, love, sweetness.

we will see how long this lasts!

In my devotional God gave me the exact verse he had put on my lips for them last night during our talk.

I corinthians 13:5

“Love is not arrogant or rude.  Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful.”

It gave me hope, to keep praying and watching Him work.

This is what I found today


I’m hopeful to see God work in my kids lives.

Zinnia was sick last week, strep throat.

Even with a fever 102.9 it was hard to keep her down.  She insisted on being up and by my side the entire day.

Bless her heart.  Even at her worst, before I knew her throat hurt she insisted on getting dressed and doing her hair every day.

She kept saying, “Mommy, head-eeta-hahrt…my head, mommy my head eeta hahrt!”  I thought she had a head ache, which she may have but then I asked her to point to it and she pointed to her open mouth, way back!  Oh!

The girls are still LOVING choir.  The Christmas program was last sunday.

They listened to the programs songs on a cd over and over, knowing each and every word (not its meaning, necessarily!)

Here they are in their jammies rehearsing the morning before:

The last time they performed I had asked the director to keep them together, I was worried that maybe L and Z would be scared, and I also thought it would be nice for photos.

I visited choir a few weeks ago for parent’s night.


it was one of those VERY humbling moments.

They were fighting like little cats.  I had to bring them out into the hallway 2 times.


So, this time, I told the director, “I know last time I asked for you to keep the girls together…but this time, just do what you think is best.”

She smiled and said, “I’m so glad you said that!  Yes, we have strategically placed another child between them.”

for the most part they play great, but come on,

they are siblings.

It was in the evening, the evening of my previous post.

God was so good to let me see them singing His praises, sweet little girls, broken babes so much in need of Him, just like me!

What a blessing it was.

This came home from school with Zinnia,

and this,

What a very special verse to memorize for her…don’t you think?

We are reading through a Christmas devotional with the little girls before bed.  I was describing mary’s cousin Elizabeth, that mary travelled to visit her.

Zinnia jumped up off the floor and SHOUTED “MOMMY!  My Teacher, she tell me, the baby inside Elizabeth…He JUMPED FOR JOY!!!”

Yes, he did, Zinnia.  Those were my next words.

The baby inside Elizabeth jumped for Joy,

nothing is impossible with God

like mary,

may we say,

“I am the Lord’s servant!”

I forgot to mention something so funny.

When we were heading out the door for the Christmas choir thing

Lainee ran upstairs to get her new bunny bathrobe, the one she got for her birthday.

I said, “what cha doin lain?”

She said, “Ma, I got to bring my robe for choir tonight!! We wear robes to sing!”

I said, “Oh, no lainee, not bathrobe!”

She insisted, “Yes, Ma, teacher say yes robe!”

All I could say was, “just wait and see, Lainee, it’s a blue robe at church”.


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