12 Dec

I thought in this post I would tell you what our church is doing with this adoption sunday school class that i’ve mentioned a few times

I’d encourage you to try it at your church!

This is the second time around, holding the class.

we invite a couple from the church who has adopted to come in and share their story with the class each week

sometimes it’s someone who is adopting because of infertility

sometimes it’s foster parents

then we have  a little time for people to ask questions.

at the end we go through a video series put out by focus on the family and family life today.

(i can’t really recommend that part) it’s ok but not great and not really needed.

It’s really easy.

You need a facilitator and snacks.

Since the last class we held 2 years ago 9 children have been adopted!

Here are Mike and Sasha sharing their amazing adoption story with the class

It was powerful.

They are committed to following Christ,

They have found great joy in the adoption of their children as it has brought them closer to their Lord.

They are our friends who are adopting one of our Luke’s friends from Ethiopia. (that is a whole-nuther amazing blog post…i have such exciting news that’s happening in our town but can’t post yet)

Mike and Sasha have 4 biological children and 3 adopted (including Joseph who they hope to bring home in a few weeks!!)

(they have a blog at http://www.thewonderousgift.blogspot.com)

It’s something to think about doing in your church,

we have loved it!

We’ve decided to have a different couple over for lunch after the class each week.

it’s been great to meet new couples and hear of their curiousity and interest in adoption.

Are you already doing a class like this in your church?

I’d love to know what it looks like for you!

Let me know.

Another thing I’d love to talk about sometime is our adoption support group…

It’s been a huge blessing

another post!


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