let’s play

13 Dec

The three little monkeys really do play so nicely together the MAJORITY of the time.

our favorite little inside joke for big kids and mom and dad is…

when we over hear them:

“I know, let’s play sisters!”

it really is funny.

and we heard a new one today,

“Let’s play spy sisters”

I was thinking, GREAT idea.

Seems like a nice quiet activity.

first snow last week. The girls ran out to play before school. Mimi got the sleds out and tried showing them (no flat ground) how fun sledding will be.

zinnia in her very special hat. When the girls left their orphanage they were allowed to choose two little gifts out of a closet. We think that they are the cumulation of gifts that families have sent to their perspective children, taken by the orphanage director (understandably). so, this silly red hat was what zinnia chose that day..not my favorite but something I definitely need to let go :).


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