17 Dec

i’ve decided to lay down some new ground rules for the girls.

I’m gonna inform them of the new rules once we start back to school in january

they revolve around our morning routine (i literally am going to develop an ulcer over the HOKEY POKINESS of it !!!!)

and van ride to and from school behavior (i’m too prideful to go into further details here)

Chris and I ran together this morning and talked about what the consequences need to be

each of the girls are  so different!

each one would respond best to a different consequence.

I’m still praying about how to punish appropriately reward Lainee for disobedient behavior

I would NEVER do this but I know she would respond perfect little angel if I took away seconds at meal time.

So, you see, I’m trusting God to help me to have a much smoother second semester.

And to guide me in clamping down a little firmer.


Christmas break!

it’s wonderful having christopher home during the day

we’ve missed him.


I’ve learned that the work best with a schedule, so I’ll try to keep life relatively peaceful over Christmas break.

bead time!

Noah had his last b ball game tonight.

We have loved watching every game.

He’s really good at basket ball.

For this I’m thankful.

He needs that.

We are heading up north for Christmas, the girls are excited about the tree and putting up all their ornaments that they have made at their school.

This is amazing:

On a school day I get Christopher off first, then the 3 girls then come home to get the boys started and I DRAG

gigi out of bed everyday, or maybe she’ll saunter down around 10 am

but this morning, Saturday and a beautiful snow falling…

She’s down and outside by 6:15!

I love it

Chris and I have commented this weekend how good adoption has been for the older kids.

We are better for it, they are better for it.

It really touches our hearts to see them caring for their new sisters without being asked, and enjoying them.

I’m so thankful for them, the big kids.

They keep me on track, as they pray for families to step up and adopt, remembering where are girls were.

Tonight we ate out and Lainee leaned over to me and said, “ma?  you know, when I was in China I cried for you.”

“you did?”

“Yes, Ma, I see your picture and I wonder when you coming and I want you to come so bad.  sometimes I’m so sad I cry for you to come.”

mommy and lainee at Grandpa and grandmas house. In her bunny robe she's irresistable!! you just have to grab her!

Do you know my girls?

Can you believe that they waited for a family for 7 years?

I wonder how many people looked them over

thalassemia beta…

God had that happen.  He is so sovereign and high.

This was His plan for them and us.

I’m once again tonight going to bed with a full heart.

I’m so thankful that we didn’t miss this.

I hate thinking of all the millions that still wait.

Sometimes it hurts

like my heart is walking around outside my body, my stomach in my throat.


I don’t ever want my kids to forget and stop feeling and remembering the difference that they can make in a child’s life

Every child is made in His image.

Every child deserves a family.




2 Responses to “”

  1. sammynmick December 17, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

    I drive my younger 4 to school in the mornings. If they get too loud and won’t settle down I tell them they have to get out of the car and go stand by the school door. They settle down fast!

  2. Carissa December 19, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    It’s such a blessing to finally read your blog and see what God has done, is doing, what He’s going to do!!!

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