christmas eve-christmas day 2011

26 Dec

Nana's Happy Birthday Jesus- The Gospel in a cake!


gigi's "quittens" and hat from nana- lots of hand made beautiful gifts from my mom

jonah jones

all 14 of my parent's grand children on Christmas eve at Nana and grandpa's next year there will be 2 new grand children, both from Ethiopia!


my brother, David Vandervelde, a musician from Nashville gives some of the family a little concert on his 12 string


my brother david and his wife lauren


noah jones christmas morning at our place


lainee grace doin' michael j*ckson with the xb*x


best friends and sisters, what a deal!

It was a nice day, the new girls loved it all, they fit right in and did great.


I’m also glad that the girls’ first Christmas is now past.

next year they will feel more a part of the memories, as we bring out the decorations that they will remember from this year and talk about “last year” this and that.

It brought out their brokenness, in many ways.

I’m not discouraged, just more motivated to keep praying for their little hearts to be free of faulty thinking that they have been raised with.


all things they are learning.

and I am too.


Often when I can get alone and dialogue with God about the holes i see in their hearts and lives it spins back to me, bringing me closer to him.

For example:

they like things, everything, even-steven.  it’s how they have always known things to be.

don’t I too?  don’t i complain in my heart when other’s have something I want or don’t have something that i do, that i don’t want?

it’s just sin coming to the surface, in me and them.

it’s good.  good to see it, and repent

I’ll continue loving them right where they are and take my role seriously in drawing them closer in to Jesus.

I’m so thankful for His grace to me.

a verse I read this morning: Romans 10:20

God says, “All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and contrary people.”

So, I pray:”Lord, let me be like you, holding out my hands in gentleness and grace to those undeserving, just like you do for us”.

thank you for pursuing us, Lord.




One Response to “christmas eve-christmas day 2011”

  1. jean Mulvahill December 26, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Merry Christmas dear friend!! What a great post and what a great journey we are on!

    I love your heart and your wisdom! It helps me to learn too!!

    Yes fairness is an issue at our house, too!


    come to think of it, it is an issue with me too!!

    I want to go where it is warm and yet- many Dr appts, procedures, surgeries and finances are preventing it from happening. I know people that are going to a warm place… totally not fair!


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