Take 2 minutes to read my notes

2 Jan

Dr. Ryken~The president of Wheaton College preached at our church on Sunday

He was such a vessel.

Romans 8:16-21

My notes follow:

LIfe’s troubles are not outside his plan

He has told us that we must suffer to enter His glory.

(happy new year?)

The Christ-centered God-blessed life comes with suffering.

Suffering confirms that we are children of God

we must endure suffering with God, for God.

There is no crown except for those who carry the cross.

Don’t be surprised by suffering.

It is proof of our adoption, that we really are sons of God

See suffering in light of eternity.

Our sufferings are MINIMAL

God puts a boundry on our sufferings

The suffering will end

One day in glory there will be no more death, crying, pain.

GLORY will be MASSIVE- out weighing all our pain.

Glory of God=The weighiness of His majesty

Speak to yourself the promise of coming glory.

Beyond this present darkness there is eternal glory

how do we know this to be true?

JESUS, He truly suffered all His life

But, it was temporary.

Manger-> Cross was suffering

By faith we believe His experience will be our experience.

Are you overwhelmed?

Well, remember, everyone who believes is walking toward his gloriour light. (prov. 4:11)

Lastly I wrote:

Fix my eyes on my Jesus, in the midst of the suffering of this world I CAN be a happy girl, waiting for my REDEMPTION!

My thoughts on this and some new years resolutions coming up next…

but for now, a photo from Christmas Eve

my brother John and his boys and my boys with some of nana's knitting-wears. (OSU vs. U of M)



One Response to “Take 2 minutes to read my notes”

  1. nicole January 2, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    GF= gluten free (both T and I)
    thx for sharing your posts.
    i laugh.
    i cry.
    i often feel i have had a great devotional.
    it encourages me.
    i know i am not alone.
    or crazy…for wanting all these blessings.

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