23 Jan

The girls are doing well!

I can really tell they are getting stronger.

Regular blood transfusions, good food and exercise!

They got transfused last Friday.

Their levels after 3 weeks were 9.0 Lainee and 8.7 Zinnia.

We would have liked for them to be 10s but to be honest, transfusing every 3 weeks seems much more doable then 2.

We will see how it goes and what the doctors down town say in April.

Thursday I brought them in and took a few photos.

They light up the clinic.

Especially this time because Zinnia was dressed up like Snow White.

Having just come from school, it was “favorite Fictional Character day”.

Zinnia- Snow White Mimi- Ivy First Grade Fictional Character day and book report.

The nurses in these pictures are the ones we see every time we go for level checks and blood transfusion.

Zinnia having her blood levels checked via her port, the blood is then sent out to find a perfect match for the next days transfusion

Lainee's turn next door. she always calls for me ,"MA I NEEDA YOU HAND!!!!!" when i'm still with Zinnia. I'm so glad I can be the mom to hold her hand.

This last week we all commented that it was one year ago that Chris and I first met them all.

We were awaiting TA, travel approval and decided we better go in and talk with a specialist about Thalassemia.

I brought their photos, all their lab info from China.

We got to ask questions and learned as much as we could about their diagnosis.

We even wondered if it was correct, we would wait and see until they got home.

The team of nurses and doctors that we met that day were lovely.

I know they thought we were a little crazy.

In fact the doctor was treating this appointment as one in which we would decide if we wanted to adopt them or not.

She couldn’t believe we said YES to them (to God) before hearing what it would entail.

As we left, one of the team said, “welcome to your home away from home!”

My face smiled and said, “YUP!”

But my stomach felt sick.

We got in the car and I cried and cried.

I was so scared.

(Sometimes I still am.)

How would I care for them as I homeschooled the rest of our gang?

God had me right where He wanted me, TRUSTING and needing Him.

I finally scheduled their appointments down town at Childrens/

They go April 5 for MRIs and to talk to the specialist.

We are concerned about Iron Overload at this point and the advise that our doctors here in the suburbs are giving us doesn’t seem to line up with what we read on line etc.

Zinnia getting her ID bracelet that stays on until the next day when she’s transfused.

The foreverness of this still overwhelms me, I know it won’t always.

The unknown future still overwhelms me too.

As I guess it does for most people!

I’m trying to enjoy every minute with all of these treasures.


We have encountered some opposition from the State of Illinois  concerning bringing our son Luke home from Ethiopia.

It’s ugly and sad.

I feel strongly that God may have allowed this so that I will always remember that it was God who made the way for Luke, God himself who brought him home, not me and my doing.

Thankful that God’s will prevails.

I’ll keep you posted.

Please pray.

Thank you.



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