Random things girls say and Zinnia Joy

3 Feb

in the last week or so my girls have each shared different things about their pasts that I’ve never heard before.

i’m not sure what triggered it but they started talking….

and i want to just take a minute to journal it so i don’t forget.

they told me of a time that they were getting ready to go to the hospital in china to get blood.

they said that they walked outside and saw a baby in a box, outside.

they said that the baby was asleep, even when the workers picked up the box.

they said that the baby in the box came with them to the hospital because maybe the doctor could help that baby.

I know in my heart that it was a dead baby, someone must have left a baby the night before, on the door step of the orphanage.

by the time the workers arrived it was dead.

and that was how they were left, they themselves, left 1/2 dead, then rescued.

God’s plan.

They said to me, “mom, can we pray for that sleeping baby, that it would get better?”

They told me about a man that we dealt with briefly in china.  We have photos of him as we signed papers the day we got the girls.

I remember him talking to them and wondering what he was saying.  Zinnia said, “he told us that we need to speak English now and to forget Chinese.”   interesting. they knew no english!  but bless their hearts they have tried so hard from day one.

Lainee told me that she was in a “show” of some kind at the orphanage.  Different agencies in the states have visited their orphanage and so it’s not abnormal for the children to perform.

lainee said that she was sad and didn’t want to sing her song.  I asked her if she ended up singing and she said, “YES!  because they told me that if I didn’t that I couldn’t come to America.”  oo.  sad.

Lainee asked me why I named her lainee, she smiled so big at the words I said.

They each pray EVERY NIGHT for the children in China and for Luke, their new brother in Ethiopia.

Last night lainee said, “mom!  He will LOVE to be here!! And, what will his last name be????”

“Lainee!  I told you, silly, JONES!”

“Oh mom that’s so GOOD!”

This week in school Zinnia’s class studied Joshua and one day each child had to bring in a rock and share with the class how God has blessed their life, or if that was too hard, their family’s life.

Zinnia understood and I told her to think about it for a few days.

The day of, she came home and I said, “what did you share when it was your turn?”

She said, “I say to my class, ‘MY GOD, HE SO SO GOOD TO ME, HE SO SPECIAL TO ME!  HE TAKE ME OUT (orphanage)AND BRING ME TO MY JONES FAMILY! I tell them so special God tell Jones family adopting me.  That is how He bless to me!”

I am crying as I type this.

just sobbing

She is a jewel.  a rare gem.  I am humbled and blessed to be in her life.

I cry because do you remember?

She was my add-on!  We saw Lainee FIRST!   commited to adopt lainee, and lainee alone.

Then we saw her, same orphanage, same blood disorder.

We prayed for 2 weeks over bringing her home too.

I WAS TERRIFIED!!! it made me so scared!

Then we asked about her and were told, No!  against chinese laws, adoption laws.

PHEW!!!!!  good!  great!  at least we asked.  done.

Then the call 3 weeks later….

“we called china in the middle of the night…. they said yes to your family adopting the other girl”

I was driving.

I said, “YES”.

How could I say no.

SHE IS SO OURS, today, like it was always meant to be, because it was!.

A GIFT in every sense of the word.

My little flower!

my Zinnia.

And do you remember her file?  the one that we received backward….(Yikes!  after we said Yes to her)

DISRUPTIVE  ARGUMENTATIVE   and so on…. (gets along well with others was not checked positive).


And today I stopped into school.

her teacher said, “thank you for letting zinnia be in my class!  We all love her”

Indeed, we all love that girl.

Zinnia Joy Jones

Zinnia! oh how I love you


4 Responses to “Random things girls say and Zinnia Joy”

  1. marciw February 3, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    What a precious post. How sweet these girls are. Completely touches my heart.

  2. Jo February 3, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

    Zinnia Joy Jones, I Love You, too! HE was SO Good to tell the Jones Family to adopt you! He is always, always right! You are the Daughter of the family you were destined to be with! I am So So happy that I get to be a part of your precious life.
    Thank You, Zinnia’s Mommy, for sharing the Joy of adoption. You too, are a gift! Love ~ Jo

  3. MBChap February 4, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

    Hey guys, came across this…. and love seeing your family….

  4. Carissa February 7, 2012 at 6:45 am #

    Beautiful, Laura. God’s beautiful character shines so brightly in your children’s stories and in your lives!

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