11 Feb

Lots of photos in this one

but I kind of chopped up my entry as I put them in at the end.

so, the concert was wonderful.

we took the older 4 kids and that's my little brother and his wife. This is us after the concert back stage

worshipful and so encouraging.

It confirmed in me the reason we are doing what we do.

Chris giving SCC some musical advice~

the blessing and need of adoption

rock on! "every little thing that you do"

the need for people to get involved and financially support those who want to adopt, but can’t fund it completely.

Then Friday the girls got transfused.

my mom came to visit and it was a HUGE blessing.

We really need two adults around on blood days.

Zinnia is not doing so well.

Zinnia lost another tooth. Mimi pulled that one out too!

Her hemoglobin drops faster, lower then Lainees.

After 3 weeks she was at an 8 which is too low.

She looked like snow white, or snow green.

She really needs to be transfused every 2 weeks but then the iron problem is bad for her too.

Her belly sticks out more then I remember.

When she was examined yesterday her liver and spleen had grown.

I cannot wait to take them to the city in April for the MRIs and consult with the excellent doctors there.

I cried  off and on  yesterday.

just feeling a little scattered with all the details (even though mom was around) and worried over Zinnia, and after the concert i didn’t sleep much.

and the excitement of joseph and samuel arriving later that day.

also, a hard part for me STILL is not having a “plan” that I can rely on.

I cannot bank on every three weeks blood any more.

I know we are right where God wants us.  forced to trust him.

We discussed another form of chelation to be added in her daily routine.

a shot administered at home, in addition to the meds she drinks each morning.


I know peace will come about what to do.

These are God’s girls after all.

I don’t like going to the hospital.

I wonder each time, How much longer can their bodies do this?

God did another gracious thing for me.

When we brought mimi home 6 years ago she was a perfect 8 month old baby!

No special needs :)

You know I’ve mentioned before, she really feels like my MOST special need in this group of kids.

She’s been so different then the other children.

Often times a challenge for us to parent.

I had some lab work done on her last week and we found out she has thalassemia, like her new sisters.

What form we do not know

Not Major like L and Z

but she will be heading down to the city with us in April, all three girls.

It’s VERY interesting.

6 years ago we knew she had some form of anemia.  we were told thal alpha and not to think of it again.

but after reading and learning so much about thalassemia I knew we needed to find out more about her.

God was confirming her placement in our family through that phone call from the hospital.  She is right where God wanted her to be.  My three thalassemia babies.

mimi's a great reader and a nice help to me! Most mornings she sits and reads to here big sisters :)

these two "new" girls are all about routine! it's how theyve done things their whole life! It's needed for order in an orphanage. Same spots each day!

So the homecoming celebration at the airport yesterday was too wonderful to describe!

chris noah and gig running into the airport in a blizzard! imagine what the new boys thought!!!

sasha and mikes son gabe and cousin waiting to meet joseph for the first time!

Sasha is one of 8 siblings.  Her parents adopted two biracial daughters in the early 70s when people weren’t doing it.

It was beautiful to see.

Much of her big family, tons of little cousins with signs

welcoming the boys.

all the grandparents!

Mary was just glowing as she hugged family and friends.

adorable Elsa! one of Mary's daughters so excited to meet her new big brother. Elsa has such a beautiful heart. She was right there when we got off the plane from China hugging my girls and saying "Ni Hao!"

All the background of this story is just amazing.

2 friends adopting friends and God allowed them to come home on the same day!

mary and samuel first seeing family Parkers with Joseph in the back ground.

I told Joseph I was Lukes mom.

Joseph with his forever big brother. It was so sweet.

He smiled and hugged me, understanding.

look at those little brown arms around elsa! Family!

Samuel knew I was Lukes mom, recognized me from the blog Mary had showed him.

Samuel Carlson! Forever with His family!

I’m sure I looked scary with my teary eyes

and my “clear” braces (stained orange from the pumpkin s*ice Latt* I drank on the way)

Mike and Sasha! reunited. Sasha stayed home with the kids for the week while Mike travelled with their older son to bring Joseph home. This is an amazing couple! They are a beautiful team. Parents to 7!This little exchange was so sweet. Elsa just jabbered on and on to samuel and he knows no english but she was gracious and smiled and smiled at her.

I’m so anxious to bring our son Luke home.

my gigi, taking it all in. wondering what's going on in her head! These boys are little! She's so tall for her age. Our Luke will be her same age. she will surely be much taller then him. Samuel and Joseph are a little older then Luke.

Noah and Mom waiting in great EXPECTATION! (no you will NOT get a peak at my orange teeth!)

So thankful that he will have some friends here to welcome him.

gigi welcoming home her life long buddy Annika, who went to Ethiopia to bring her brother samuel home. Sasha's mom in the background. I know this was so special for them.

I hate that he has to wait so long.

I only just yesterday FINALLY got to send out our homestudy to immigration.

We are praying for him.

God is moving in the hearts of His people.

Can you feel it?  See it around you in your communities?

We see it here!

What a blessing for our entire community to welcome these boys!

He cares for his orphaned children.  Enough is Enough!  There are too many children needing families.

It’s so encouraging to see

So a difficult week ended so beautifully.

Snow, washing, cleansing.

“behold I am making all things new!”


5 Responses to “”

  1. jamesfamily7 February 11, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    Wow. I’m stunned by your recent news about Mimi. You are so brave to know and not say anything at the airport. Sobering news and so hard. We’ll have to catch up with what this all means for your family. We keep praying esp. in light of all that is happening with Zinnia.
    On a lighter note, it was fun seeing the airport celebration through the lens of your camera:) It was like being on the shores of heaven.

  2. Carolyn February 11, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Beautiful! Loved this post and all the pictures! Will be praying for sweet Zinia, and Mimi and Lainee.

  3. Shelby February 12, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    Wow! The news on Mimi was very surprising and a God thing, that her new sisters have it too! SCC is AMAZING! My favorite singer by far!! I bet the concert was so cool! I am praying that you can go get Luke ASAP!

  4. californiayurting February 12, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Laura, you have such a beautiful family. You guys have such a big heart. May God’s peace and rest be upon you.

  5. Christy February 14, 2012 at 6:37 pm #

    Yes, we can feel Him moving here, too! I’ve been following your blog for awhile…a friend of mine is friends with your sister, I think, and sent me a link, knowing I would love your blog. She was right. : ) I was so encouraged and challenged by your post a few weeks ago, “how we do it,” when you shared “This is not our home!! We are not home yet!” The next day we got a call about a foster placement that I probably would have said ‘no’ to, had God not been working on my heart, reminding me that this is not MY life! (I recently had our 3rd baby, and have been a bit overwhelmed and dealing with some post-partum depression.) But we knew we were supposed to say ‘yes’ to this one. So we are now parents to a 17 year-old girl and her 13-month-old son. (In addition to our 3 toddlers/babies.) Life is crazy and full but SO good. She is ripe for the gospel and it is such a privilege to be used by God like this. Anyway…long comment to say thanks for what you’re doing, for your heart for God and for adoption, and for your encouragement with words through everything you’re learning through the process!

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