18 Feb

Zinnia was so pleased with herself.

She learned how to spell the word LOVE!

I found this on their little craft table.

Zinnia learned to spell LOVE

She is thriving being in a family.

I’m so proud of her.  She had a period over Christmas that was so challenging.

She cried often and exploded in temper tantrums.  Usually it revolved around miscommunication when she was playing with Mimi.  We have really worked on talking about what the right way to deal with those frustrated feelings.  I have not seen ANY freak outs in the new year.  We talked about it and pray about it when she’s in that tender-mood.  She totally understands and wanted to change.  I act things out with them, often.  They like that.  I’ll say, “okay, pretend that I’m Zinnia and you are Mimi…etc”.  They giggle when they see me carry on like a baby.  We can laugh and hug and teach that it’s not appropriate. I’m thankful to be able to point her to Gigi  as a real life example.

Zinnia is such a peace maker. Really.

Zinnia and Mimi love to play chess together and with their big brothers. These 2 girls are in the after school chess club at school.It's a nice quiet game that really makes them think.

I will hear her say to the other sisters as they play, “let’s pretend we are sisters today that don’t fight, okay?”  or she reminds them every morning in the van on the way to school, “let’s not fight today, not make mommy so sad…”.

When they first came home it was so hard to communicate.  I had so much I wanted to tell them and show them and be for them but it’s just hard.

I remember we showed them the Winnie the Pooh Hefalump movie.  In the movie Kanga is Rocking little Roo and calling him ‘darling’ and he’s calling her Mama.

That’s when they wanted to start to rock.  They wanted to watch that part of the movie over and over and take me to rock them. Loving to see Mama with baby “darling” loving.  So, we would rock.  And through out the day I would call them softly, “my darling” and they would LIGHT UP!  A light bulb went on for them, “she’s that for me!”  I still call them darling, a term I never used to use.

I remember calling Lainee, “sweet heart…” in China and man she hated that, “NO!”  The language is hard, at first.

God has been gracious to give me little things like that along the road to connecting with these girls.

Language is no longer a problem and it’s much easier.

Chris is a great husband.

He brought home roses for me and then a single rose wrapped up, one for each little girl (4) for Valentines day.

They felt so special.

I love that about him.

Heart eggs for bfast. yum.  But not for Lainee who’s allergic.  “da egg dey make a me itchy, Ma.”

Oh Lainee!

Oh food.

Oh and Lainee and food.  (Actually lainee and Zinnia and food.)


 what you read about orphans and food is TRUE!

Yup, these girls rank food and eating as a very high priority.  We talk about food, ask about food and eat food with much gusto.

In fact,  when Lainee takes one bite and likes it, she’ll yell out, “MA!  May I please have more?”  even with a full plate.

They don’t sneak food, or hide it, saving it up.  I think they are understanding that we will always feed them.  But, I know that Lainee was always hungry in China.  She told me so and I believe her.

She’s got such a big tum tum.  I was SHOCKED when I first saw her little body.  WOW.  Then I learned that it was from Iron overload because of her thalassemia.  I think it might be going down now but not much.

A few days ago I said, “oh lainee! “and rubbed her tummy and playfully said, “tumm tumm tumm!” tickling her.


She didn’t laugh.

It wasn’t funny.

My heart sank as I watched her little face sink even lower.

“Ma, in china they laugh and tell me I have watermelon in my belly”.

“Who laughed?  kids laughed?”

“No.  IE they laugh” (care takers I don’t know how to spell it but it sounds like I-E)


I had to recover, redeem it.  telling her she’s beautiful and perfect and lovely and that’s how God wants her and all that.

We need to be careful how we talk and laugh with them, it was a good reminder, to all of us.  We all felt badly about it.

This came home from school with Lainee and I just had to laugh, and say, “totally Lainee!”

In other news i got to see Joseph Parker, our Luke’s friend a little yesterday.

I confess.  

Some days I’m scared to bring Luke home.  Nervous. Lots of unknows!

But God gave me a little present yesterday from Joseph Parker:

I will hold on to Joseph’s little words.  “Adhanom good.  Adhanom nice.  Joseph, Samuel, Adhanom friends (with his three little fingers entwined as he spoke to me….” (adhanom is Luke’s given name in ethiopia).

Luke Adhanom needs a family.  And God has blessed him to come to where his friends (brothers for the last 5 years) are.  

And, we get to be a part of it.

And I’ll remember:

God means it when He says to consider others better then yourself, even when it’s hard.



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  1. KT February 21, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    IE is “ayi” and means aunty, but it’s used almost all throughout China by the children in the SWIs as a title for those who take care of them. We would call these women nannies or orphanage workers.

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