using every seat~

1 Mar


my wonderful husband is on a….

wonderful ski long-weekend.

I didn’t sleep last night anticipating the weekend,


ugh, really?

ugh, a pit in my stomach over the aloneness of it.

Hoping my girls don’t have any weekend-no schedule-melt downs that I have to tackle


I’m used to a traveling husband

but on the weekend?

oh boy!

basket ball games, tennis practice, church

it will be diced up a bit.

we will be fine


It’s so hard to be excited and well-wishing for things like that.

Honestly, for me, this time, it is.

Praying helps!

Tomorrow the school kids don’t have school so we are all hopping in the 12 passenger van,

picking up 4 friends

and the 11 of them and 1 of me will be enjoying the aquarium for the day.

It sounds crazier then it is!

I’m really so excited for Lainee and Zinnia to see it.

They will love it.

It will be fine, I hope!

Thankful that I don’t have any little people that run away.

Thankful that my highschooler and 2 of his friends want to hang with me on a day off!  YES!

Thankful for the van!

Thankful that Christopher got his braces off today~ (wishing I was next!)

I’ve got some exciting things just around the corner!  Something on Monday…

Gabe (our Luke’s Papa in Ethiopia )will be at Mike and Sasha’s house~

God bless you all!

Press on,

He Loves You!




One Response to “using every seat~”

  1. Tobi Wright March 1, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    Laura, We got our approved application from our agency call today! May seem small to some but I’m thankful to finally be on the starting block!

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